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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not your World!

You know it is not your world that you have been plucked out of your own world, abducted by alien etc when you see something different, something you thought did not existed in this world, and the street you walk down, just proves you wrong. Something of sort happened to me last week end.
  1. Off all the people a poster of GURUJI Sibu Soren comes up! Seriously! Guruji!
  2. The best coffee house in town is CCD! No local shop good enough to be a hangout place! Come on! CCD is not value for money! But every source said CCD.
  3. The 60 KM journey takes 3 hours, and the bus driver has no remorse for being late + the volvo has no fault.
  4. The electronic transfer of money takes one whole day to reflect! ICICI Bank.
  5. Airtel calls to tell my papers are inadequate, about prepaid connection, while post-paid connection has no trouble, was prepaid not the easer one to bag?
  6. Dog's dont bark, not at you, or any other stranger of any species. Street Dogs included.
  7. Girl walks stooped, with help from 4 of her friends; no she is not hurt; her dress is too heavy. No! She is not the bride.
  8. Another poster: "World Wild Famous: With Regainable rates!"
And then I came across a good innovation, soundproof toilets in a hotel.

Hotel manager: "The biggest turn off that our guest experienced during their stay here in past was some or the guy making funny noises, while emptying his bowels."

Good innovation! And from now on, the biggest turn off for guest would be manager's speech.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Disappointment does not mean opposite of appointment, rather unfortunately, if I may add so. But what is disappointment really? 

Dictionary defines it as follows

Disappointment:  The noun disappointment has 2 senses:
1. an act (or failure to act) that disappoints someone 
2. a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized

I am really interested in second definition here, would that not make men disappointed in 99% of the women they meet, though on other hand women are disappointed in all the men they meet, already, so after assembling a team of managers, various scientists and psychics working with a healthy sample of general population, subjecting it to scientific procedure of research methods, mathematics of permutation and combinations, and some common sense, 95% of people living or dead lived a disappointed life.

The 5% fortunate ones are: 

1. At present infants, who would soon grow up to have a disappointed life.
2. This is poor statement but sadly, infants who die early: Ironic.(Only managers would state such a fact!)
3. The insane! (This probably includes successful managers and politicians.)

On the other hand people who disappoint some or the other, again setting up a committee of ex-service men, a judge and few old politicians, using all the monetary  resources, disregarding the common sense, using none of the scientific method, none of the people in world disappoint! After all vote bank is important.

Living world aside, a pure thought, you are bound to disappoint someone or the other in your life, and at some point of my life, so will I. So stop worrying, & start living the way you want to. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


Yeh hain meri kholi
kabhi thi yeh 
mera adda
yahan takrate they
shishe se shishe
chalakte the jam
aaj duniya dekhta hun
shishe ke chashmo se
hain re
meri duniyan
Yeh kholi thi
kabhi mera
dhun jhum
nachte the hum
raat bhar
ke tale hain
ab ghadde 
hain re
meri duniya
kabhi meri
kholi thi
plateon main
thi pasta se
aaj goliyan
karti hain 
raaj yahan
Yeh meri kholi
thi kabhi
hum churate the
hoton se
ab aankhon ki
jane hain kahan
Yeh meri kholi
thi kabhi
na jane 
kab ye 
ban jaye
mera magbara
jane na
hain re meri duniyan
Yeh meri kholi
adda hi rahi
na dekha isne
sath kisika
na dekhe
koi haath
jo sajaye ye aashiyan
banaye ghar ise kabhi
hain re meri duniyan.........