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Monday, July 25, 2011

No second chance at life……

Disclaimer: To start with let me make this clear, this is not where you will be able to download the movie for free, not even songs, still interested you can read on.

When title of the movie says “Zindagi Na Melegi Doobara….” which means “You won’t get second chance at life….” one expects movie to be motivational, talk about living life to the fullest, and getting over your fears, all good! It checks out on all points! So here is what I learned from this movie…some I correlated with my experiences.

1.         Do not buy a present for your fiancĂ© on first day of the trip, especially if it can be seen by others labelling you or your friend gay, when you are not so, plus it might get damaged.

2.         If you want to sleep under open sky and watch stars, make sure it is not going to be cloudy (mildly disappointing), rain (disappointing), snow (little health concern) or hail (fatal) that night.

3.          Sleeping under the sky is enjoyable, but at end of it don’t be surprised if you have red stars on your body as many as the sky, from the ants you did not see and mosquitos that dint make noise.

4.           Don’t say things in jest, one of your fiend might do that for you. Like throw away someone’s handset.

5.         Always try things / thoughts out, even if you want to get in bath with that stranger whom you were just introduced to, do knock, it might just happen.

6.          Use good handset, no pink/orange or some other flashy colour like pink (I on't like pink colored gadgets) if you want to look professional (Don’t want to be laughed upon by your interest).

7.           Tomato ketchup must have been made, Tomatina festival way, hoping to create tomato wine, instead got tomato ketchup.


8.             Don’t say yes when you do not really mean it, you might end up running in front of charging bulls.

9.           It says “You don’t get second chance at life” still you can throw, drown, or crush your life, as long as you enjoy it.

10.           When you try to change someone, you might end up losing that someone, this is not always true.
11.       To enjoy life, last but most important, you need friends that will follow you into your death defying adventures.

There are more interesting take homes from this movie, but @vikaspgoel beat me to watch this movie and also blog about it, here is his blog page: http://vgoel.blogspot.com/2011/07/zindagi-na-milegi-dobara.html

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why you flew to the moon?

Why you flew to the moon?
leaving me all alone
I can’t decide
at these cross roads of life
on these crowded streets
no hand to hold on to
Why you flew to the moon?
not taking me along
I have tears in my eyes
no one there to wipe them out
on these rainy nights
I can’t see you among stars
Why you flew to the moon?
snapping my dreams
in a flash of light
darkness wins
my heart succumbs to fears
forgotten in your arms
Why you flew to the moon?
with cradle at my arm
I can’t fend for myself
who is there?
to protect me
when shadows lurk in dark
Why you flew to the moon?
death could have waited
a bit longer
you dint fight
was I not reason enough?
to live on
Why you flew to the moon?
the child is
still unnamed
who will hold it’s finger?
What shall I tell?
What star shall I point to?
Why you flew to the moon?
I have questions
you left unanswered
what was the hurry?
We had no enemies!
Why you flew to the moon?
We were to
grow old together
I used to love that sound
why did it stop beating?
my ear on your heart
Why you flew to the moon?
What did go wrong?
You were to come back
at end of day
like every other day
by sunset
Why you flew to the moon?
Why is there no sunrise again?
where is my fairy-tale?
Where is my
"And they
lived happily ever after?"
Why an abrupt end?
Why you flew to the moon?
I used to hear your
foot steps
now all I hear
are memories
replaying themselves
Why you flew to the moon?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

An inkling!

It started as an inkling
not even a feeling
caught me in the moment
I lost control
I lost my heart
was it meant to be
just a flitting
flutter off beat
It started as an inkling
not really a feeling
at the corner of my eye
for a feeble second
I couldn’t say bye
It started as an inkling
not a feeling
it grew
had to turn back
retrace my steps
to you
couldn't ignore
not then
itched in memory
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
step by step
moment by moment
weakness of heart
strength of string
between rings
a lot like love
nothing more than friends
she said
and never said no
a kiss
that sealed
was not a deal
was not a flitting moment
was not a light need
no desperation
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
love finally
just not another love story