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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
kisi ke liye wo bas
ek kahani hai
pariyo ki
rajao ki
aur ranio ki
sukh ke baad
aansuo ki
dukh ke baad
khushiyo ki
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
duniya se chupi
begani hai
uski awaaz 
dabi hai
hungame main
khoi hai
par koshish
puri hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
wo kuch aisi
dewani hai
ek khwaish
bhi hain
naino main
ek shararat 
suchi bhi hain
duniya se jeetne ki
zeed bhi hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
andhere main
ek kiran
kahin koyle main
ek hera
dil main
ek aasha
abhi baki hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
aaj adhuri
par kabhi toh
puri honi hain
aakhir wobhi
ek kahani hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it Appropriate?

This post is dedicated to my friends, colleagues and whoever I have communicated in my life time and consider some spoken words to be inappropriate, and I do not try to live any part of humane society.

The most inappropriate thing a woman must have asked another newly married woman to get back at her husband, in his presence "So how was your first night?" And the correspondent goes on to describe it in great detail. Guys are not behind in this game, just that the ploy is employed at start of the relationship, where in one guy tries to prove that he has spent his life achieving more than the other in dreaming up achievements.

People who are not political should say "I Don't Know" when asked about their political inclination, and not something that they just feel is right, for example: "What is your political inclination?" Ans: "Oh! I am straight."

An open invitation to get you killed. Example "To haters of same gotra marriage, be happy that your kid is marrying someone of opposite sex, same gotra is least of your problem" When the speaker shouts this out on a station in Haryana, you should get the picture, when last killings were just 2 days back. This is termed being politically correct at wrong time and place, as far as gotra is concerned, but why comparing it with gay marriages?

Grilling for the sake of personal gain; well most end up doing this, more so in some professions than others; when they themselves would rather be on the same camp. For instance: "I am quite liberal, I have nothing against same sex marriages, but they do not sound natural." This statement has been on TV lot of times. "So would you be friends with someone who is not straight?" Look the interviewer shy always from the use of word "Gay/Lesbian". This is Hypocrisy at its best, when it comes to Gay/Lesbian relationship.

In India we jump on to personal questions instantly, we do not give a second thought to how the opposite person might take it. For instance: Q: "Are you married?" A: "No" Q:"So, do you have a girlfriend?" A:"No, do you?" "No" Next day while walking in a park, you meet that colleague and go: Q: "So you have come here with your brother?"

As soon as your girlfriend goes out to take a call, her best friend asks you: "Is it possible for you to strip dance for us on bachelors party of another best friend." Well a bit extreme, but she hits on you with most obvious words. Most guys sit in same boat too. 

"Inappropriate touch" this is too vague, if you go by Indian cultural standards, any touch to Woman by Man is inappropriate, except hands in support when she asks, or accepts a man's offer; so that tab on the shoulder, pat on back are all inappropriate! That does bring me to a question: How to get a woman to pay attention to you when she is not facing you, you do not know her name and there is lot of noise?-No answer.

Gossiping! I do not have to say anything, one thing leads to another and soon a rumour is believed to be true. 

These are enough for a day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pretty Woman!

Hey Woman!
Walking down the street
white top
blue shorts
Pretty Woman
You are breaking my heart!
With every step away
You are taking my breath!
With every flick of strand
those curls
Pretty Woman
Walking down the street
money in hand
she is on a mission
she has her eyes set
she has a way with fashion
Pretty Woman
Walking down the street
cool wind
blue sky
I am having that moment
in life
when every thing else 
seems trivial
life is just you!

These words just came to my head, and then a friend of mine just pointed out the scene of Pretty Woman-Julia Roberts, and hence then added the movie name in between, and hence forms a tribute to movie I have liked for years along with the other film from the team: The Runaway Bride. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is Love?

 What  is Love?
a feeling which can not be stopped,
a feeling which can not be started,
a birth which can not be predicted,
a birth which can not be aborted,
a growth which can not be sprouted,
a growth which can not be curtailed,
a possession which can not be valued,
a possession which can not be ignored,
a desire which is desired,
a desire which is least understood,
a gift which everyone prays for,
a gift which should not be missed,
a gift which most fail to recognize,
a gift which fewer accept,
a gift in which even fewer accept to believe in it,
a gift which is mistaken for lust,
and lust mistaken for it,
once accepted
a feeling which has no definite taste,
a feeling which which has no definite mood,
a feeling which leaves its mark,
for eternity,
a desire,
a desire for more,
and more,
and more,
until it gets larger than life,
finding that One
It's a hunt not to kill, but to live.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Fasting is such a religious issue in our country, before we started dieting; people in India were fasting for one or the other deity on one or the other day. On going on these fasts many things are supposed to happen, a sort of wish list, for example

1. Getting a good life partner.

So much for the saying that good matches are made in heaven, nope they are bestowed on a person who does maximum fasts, with out most sincerity. I would rather go with fast concept, it explains all the failed or compromise marriages we get to see.

2. Getting Marks.

Some people are content with visiting god "temple/gurudwara/mosque" on the day of results, others on morning of the exam, and then some are hard believers in god, who think god favors those who are regular to worship place rather than the lecture where Professor chats for long hours or spending sometime with books which are matter of fact a way to worship Saraswati-the goddess of Knowledge.

3. Getting an Opportunity.

One big business opportunity/ job opportunity without any efforts into actual proceedings or knowledge is useless, but who cares when "Ram naam japo aur paraya maal apna!" (Chanting name of God Rama can make you owner of property belonging to others) then why waste ones time and effort on actually doing anything.

4. Asking for forgiveness.

This is the most awesome thing about fasting, do wrong, wrong someone and then punish self by not eating and you gain all the sympathy of the world while the victim has to forgive you and forget while situation for him/her does not change. So, one gets forgiven without undoing the wrong, but just showing that you are feeling remorse for your actions.

5. Social Cause.

From Telangana to corruption anything can be solved by this way(that's how image is projected), go on a fast, for the cause of people, gain mileage and if you are lucky enough a seat in next election and a sure win too, for people do fall for this one. And after the mileage is gained, slowly moment is put out of limelight and most people tend to forget the cause and remember the leader.

6. Love.

How come fasting or punishing oneself make him or her fall in love with you? May be 1st point applies here, instead of the best possible match you end up with the one which you want, on most occasions a sub-standard one. Sub-standard, for which person would chose to be with a person who is so unstable when it comes to mind, that s/he is ready to give life up for one other person, only another such unstable person can, I suppose.

7. Married Woman.

For getting same husband again and again! Really! I doubt this reason, i suppose it is for getting a better one next time around. On other hand I think, it is a ritual to boost male ego, that they satisfy her needs so well that she intends to get same partner for all her births in this world, after all she wishes for same husband on 7 births, but if we are really being born again and again the loop of 7 in each of the 7 births easily goes to eternity (This calculation sounds easy to me, I still have some knowledge of computer engineering left in me.:p)

8. Success of someone else.

These selfless people are in true sense fasting for happiness of others, but people do not realize that it in turn makes them happy too! I am not saying that they are not selfless, but it is kind of hobby too! If some one achieves something, which they prayed for, makes them feel connected to god, and gives them a sense of achievement. If you think I am not right just think of the day Sachin Tendulkar scored that double hundred in one day international, did not most fans pray for it, and did they not feel a sense of achievement and also happiness!

9. Inspiration/Workaholic.

Some people just forget to eat while working, these people are workaholics and then some others tend to get there brain to think right in deprived state only, after all Darwins theory of "Survival of Fittest" is not just some conspiracy theory.

Also the religious fast are best among all to perform; you can opt to eat special foods like fruits, dry fruits, special dishes, chips and what not to past the day. Interesting thing is that these all foods tend to be high calorie items on most times.

Well I am stopping my list here, but if you want to add anything, you can live that in comments section.