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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it Appropriate?

This post is dedicated to my friends, colleagues and whoever I have communicated in my life time and consider some spoken words to be inappropriate, and I do not try to live any part of humane society.

The most inappropriate thing a woman must have asked another newly married woman to get back at her husband, in his presence "So how was your first night?" And the correspondent goes on to describe it in great detail. Guys are not behind in this game, just that the ploy is employed at start of the relationship, where in one guy tries to prove that he has spent his life achieving more than the other in dreaming up achievements.

People who are not political should say "I Don't Know" when asked about their political inclination, and not something that they just feel is right, for example: "What is your political inclination?" Ans: "Oh! I am straight."

An open invitation to get you killed. Example "To haters of same gotra marriage, be happy that your kid is marrying someone of opposite sex, same gotra is least of your problem" When the speaker shouts this out on a station in Haryana, you should get the picture, when last killings were just 2 days back. This is termed being politically correct at wrong time and place, as far as gotra is concerned, but why comparing it with gay marriages?

Grilling for the sake of personal gain; well most end up doing this, more so in some professions than others; when they themselves would rather be on the same camp. For instance: "I am quite liberal, I have nothing against same sex marriages, but they do not sound natural." This statement has been on TV lot of times. "So would you be friends with someone who is not straight?" Look the interviewer shy always from the use of word "Gay/Lesbian". This is Hypocrisy at its best, when it comes to Gay/Lesbian relationship.

In India we jump on to personal questions instantly, we do not give a second thought to how the opposite person might take it. For instance: Q: "Are you married?" A: "No" Q:"So, do you have a girlfriend?" A:"No, do you?" "No" Next day while walking in a park, you meet that colleague and go: Q: "So you have come here with your brother?"

As soon as your girlfriend goes out to take a call, her best friend asks you: "Is it possible for you to strip dance for us on bachelors party of another best friend." Well a bit extreme, but she hits on you with most obvious words. Most guys sit in same boat too. 

"Inappropriate touch" this is too vague, if you go by Indian cultural standards, any touch to Woman by Man is inappropriate, except hands in support when she asks, or accepts a man's offer; so that tab on the shoulder, pat on back are all inappropriate! That does bring me to a question: How to get a woman to pay attention to you when she is not facing you, you do not know her name and there is lot of noise?-No answer.

Gossiping! I do not have to say anything, one thing leads to another and soon a rumour is believed to be true. 

These are enough for a day!


Agnivo said...

Hats off! One of the best reads in recent times! truly exposes the double faced us!

Aditya Nandode said...

Corruption! Ya could have added that, how tweeting about is fine from the road and then instead of paying fine for using mobile while driving one slips in a 50 to 100 Rupee note.

Unknown said...

good one.
Typical Indian attitude, Preach to others but never practise. And personal questions by total strangers, don't even go there....Indians need a crash course in social etiquette and impersonal conversational skills

Aditya Nandode said...

:) songsnwords

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