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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What can I say?

Today being New Years Eve, there are going to be lots of parties in town, it is quite obvious, most would be going to one. Had a chance meeting with a friend, kind of party rocker, and asked him,

Me: "So you must be going to some Party to night."

He: "No, yaar, I am staying at home."

Me: "What? You are not going to party, but it's New Years Eve!"

He: "So what, even you are not going."

Me: "Well, I am not a regular to parties anyway, but you are one who does."

He: "Well, it is not easy to explain, I rather tell you an analogy."

And he began:

You know P. L. Deshpande had written a story, there is a character in the story called Antu Barve, a Brahmin from Ratnagiri. Well there is a small conversation there, it goes like this. "Mahatma Gandhi never visited Ratnagiri, why not?" Asks Antu, and answers also, "There was nothing for him to see here, and nothing to show to people of this place too. See, most people here wear lesser clothes than him, eat lesser than him and do their own work, so they would never have understood the importance of him and his sacrifice. On other hand people from the other place were well to do, in sense they were used to eat good things, including ghee and all. Hence, the reason."

Similarly, people like me do not see any difference between New Year’s Party and normal party, in fact it's worse. People who have been starved for fun, liquor and good food end up on these parties, and increase the chance of some bad incident. While for people like me it is like taking a bath every day, for them it is a bath at sea, once in blue moon.

I was left standing, speechless.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quote Unquote.

If I had been a celebrity , scribes would have been hungry for my quotes, and I would have been in greater trouble than anyone else for saying so; here are some samples:

Some beggar: Give 1Re. in name of X god.
Me: I am not Hindu.

Some more: Well as far as I know; Jinnah was secular until he got jealous of Gandhi.

Good that we have religion to fight over in India, else like everyone else we would have been fighting on colour of our skin.

Nothing is worse than surviving a suicide, you are punished for surviving, while if you die, your oppressor are punished!

If one day everyone starts loving everyone, that night many hearts will be broken.

They say : Failure results in better learning.
Me: Failing to follow law, results in crime, everyone should be given equal chance to learn, then be it a murderer. (And in India some do get, but it's not equal in giving opportunities.)

Democracy is right to choose one nut-case character among nuttiest, who will compete among the other 500 odd for coming 5 years.

Computers are useless, they only give answers, we very well know how stupid can people be in asking questions.

Maddof was not a criminal when he siphoned of your money, you were criminally insane to give it to him in first place, in absence of any checks.

I think these are enough, or else I will start insulting people now.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The tale of two Girls.

This is a story of two girls, from same small town, intelligent and with lots of dreams. As they grew up, both wanted to be engineers, and so studied hard to make it. And they did become engineers.

At end of engineering, they stood in merit list for university and had landed a good job in their fields. And now it was time to join it. Before joining both decided to go to home town and be with family. And here is when their story changes, takes different path.

Girl A went home was very happy to have completed education and family greeted her happily. Then she told them about her new job and something went wrong. Father and brother both declined to let her go and work. "It’s time for your marriage." is what they said. She was taken aback by their stand. She pointed out that till we find a suitable match for me, I can keep working. And they went "We have a suitable match for you, and he will be coming here in evening, be ready, muhaurut is scheduled for day after tomorrow." She was shattered, and so were her dreams. The man who came to take her hand did not know anything but savkari/zamindari. He was a moneylender and she was going to be the payment for the loan that family had to pay off or lose all the property they had.

Girl B, went home and her dad was out distributing sweets to all people known and unknown, his daughter had become engineer, she had fulfilled a dream that he expected of his son, who was not there. She was his son for him, in spirit. On coming back he asked what next, and said here are various loan schemes available from banks and i would like it if you studied further. A small man by financial stature, girl knew he would not be able to pay the loan off, and she had a job now and that's what she told him. "I will be joining the company next week, after working for 2 years, we can decide on future." She left home a happy girl, and continued to live happily, soon got her father to retire from job and made him owner of his own small business in the small town.

On other hand, Girl A was really desperate to have her life and dreams back, and luckily she did. She somehow contacted her friends in city, who successfully helped her to abscond; the company obliged her request and posted her in different city, and hid her name in payroll, from her relatives. Soon a police case was also made by the girl after consulting lawyer with help of her friends and the moneylender was caught, but her parents had to face the local police burnt too. Though she managed to get them out, and out of the small town and got them shifted to her place in new city, while the property was sold off.

In end education did make a difference for two girl’s families.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Bombay ho ya Mumbai

Ek dil hai 

Ek pulse hai yaar

Lakho Sapne liye

Apni aaghosh main

Din-Raat jagti 

Hazaron sapne pure karti

ye Bombay hai mere yaar

Money hai iske ragon main

sabke liye thoda panni

par honey hai sabki chahat

Rang ranginia hai

Ankhe chond Roshnia hai

Hosh khona na

loot jaoge

Hosh thame

laksh paoge

Its Bombay my friends

the moment u sleep

u slip of the table

goodies r taken by those

who are awake to take

others sulk in a corner

Its Bombay my friends

Everyone here

has a purpose to fulfill

the wheels of this city

have lot of spokes to churn in

and move on

and move on it does

takes in the wounds

and heals magically fast 

Its Bombay my friends


Christmas! Merry Christmas! This season is incomplete without celebrating Christmas. But being an Indian, I am not that involved in celebrations. Love that story though, of Jesus and his birth. Love the decoration and sincerely love the Holiday that it brings with itself.

Never did i ever have asked Santa or written a letter to him or an email these days, was not part of my upbringing. No gifts, no frills for me, till i was about 7 year old. That's the first time I asked, why we do not calibrate Christmas? And got 1st lesson in religion, though my father is not a religious kind, he just did not want to calibrate a festival, that no one did around our house. Why look different when you have just started to fit in?
Then, thankfully, a Christian family became my dad's friend and from 8th year of my life I started celebrating Christmas. Not any fanfare, just a cake that was cut and shared. Since that day, one thing i wish for on a Christmas day is a Cake/Pastry, that i am having, but i am not it's buyer. Santa has to account for something, I have been good all this time. This year I had a craving for chocolates, the Kisses and Hershey's to be precise, and they have safely landed in my fridge, for my aunt just came back from USA, a whole 10 days earlier than planned.

So, its Merry Christmas to me! And Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love to Me

Love to Me

is something

for which

I would


I would


I would


Is Nothing

Is Everything

Is in Moment

Is Everlasting

Is Eternity

Is to short

to be precise

Is Nothing

without a


without a


without an


without a


Is God

in you

Is Devil

in me

One loves God

God loves one

If one does not love


how can one love


Is Great

feel it once

and you wont

feel anything else

an addiction

that make's you alive

an addiction

to die for

an high

too high

a low

too deep

to measure

feel it

and you wont

want to feel

anything else

would do anything

to feel it again

Is in many


but instinct

remains same


remains same


remains same

Love Remains the same

It is to be


It is to be


It is to be

Cared for

It is to be


It is to be

Loved back

It is to be

To be

To be human again.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Perfect Man: The Mythical!

The perfect man, as elusive as ever, was being discussed on the facebook by few of my friends, and hence I received all the updates by them. The way discussion was going it did not seem it will stop even after 100 points which Men should do and should not do.
At one point one of the girls said only Meera got a perfect man, and I had to say something. Have seen one of my cousin go meera way. Can not see a girl ruin her life that way.
And still there other hundreds of girls who say they are very happy with their choice. How this happens is somewhat this way....

A girl meets a boy, is probably a hunk, they like each other. Boy tells girl all positive things about him, is always pleasant with her, he is not acting he really likes her. Girl starts getting closer, wants to spend more time with guy, so meets up with his friends. Once she is accepted among guy's friends, friends start being normal. So does the guy.

Girl gets neglected among guy things and finds herself missing the points. Feels guy is not giving her same importance as he used too. Also the negatives about the guy are bombarded on her, friends either are to frank or too protective of group. Result friction, dialogues like "Leave your friends, or leave me!", "They are not good, nothing good will come off, of being with them.", or the most emotional one "You do not love me the same way!"

Once such sentence is uttered, relationship generally gets an expiry date. Girl tries to make changes in guy, wants to make him the idle man she had expected him to be on her first date. Hence what follows is a hard hitting breakup for both, on most times.

What follows for girl is a guy, who always used to like her, looking to score this time for she is un-engaged, free to be engaged again. The girl leans her teary head on this new guy, and plays perfect councillor and sympathiser. Girl tell and he acts. Girl tells him what she wanted from the first guy and he gives it to her.

Girl slowly starts realizing that this guy is all what she wanted. She does not understand, why she did not see him before, how could she have overlook this guy in first place, all such question go through her mind. And then its eureka for her. She never wanted this guy! She never wanted all those qualities in first place, its only what other's told that she added to her list, when she was growing up.

Hence, second break up is what takes place, where in proposal and breakup are simultaneous. After this the girl again meets some guy, whom she likes and he likes her, they go out together. This time girl does not try to befriend the guys friends but develops a cordial relationship, does not try to change his habits sparring few very important ones, one being to commit. Now a days, not even that. But these are the girls who say, i have found

The Just Perfect Guy!
For me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2012-Not A Review

          Saw 2012, bit late, after going through many reviews of the movie, but i noticed some other changes that have taken place over the years in Hollywood movies and some that have not taken place and certain way that USA looks at the world.

          1. Cold War is OVER.

              Through the era have seen many movies, classics, bond movies, etc, where Russians agents, and US/British agents fought to sabotage each others plan. This movie gives clear picture that American no longer see Russians as threat. Yes, its over for sure, a common American man is shown working for a Russian who is not so good, and in end an American guard saves the Russian mans twins. Still the twins are misbehaving at end of movie.

         2. China.

              China gets to build the ships, could have taken money, finance from the world, art and all and then  just saved its own citizens and animals, while ditching all other country people. Who could have stopped them, what power does a destroyed, dieing world has. But, USA is very sure that they will built the required ships, in required time and ready for use without testing, and hand over the reign to respective country. Hence USA looks up to China.

        3. Arabs.

              At cost of some 2 billion Dollars, Dubai Sheikh makes it to the ship, cause he can pay. So will many others from region, will make it to the list.

        4. Saved list.

             This list is Important, it contains

                                People from

                                    ->UK, France (Former Colonists of USA) sadly Spain missed out.

                                    ->Axis powers saved-Germany, Japan and Italy. 

                                    ->Russia (Formerly USSR)




                               Money and things of Monetary value.

                                    -> Paintings. World Art heritage, agreed.

                                    -> Money.

                                    How come a reborn world which has so less number of humans, and other species, value old currency when a major cleaning the land, removing the debris, bodies, forming the land for cultivation, cultivating the fields, is puzzling, even more so when the survivors are handful, even if there are 60 ships, each carrying a million people each, thats generous estimate, only saves 10% of the current world population, and plus these contain people would not even be able to work, for example can Queen of England do any thing!

         5.  Lesson learned none!

                            The person who flags the Red flag, is Indian  in first, place, he misses the USA ship along with his family and there is no Indian ship. He also gives the new update of new wave from East, saves many skins in last moments of his life. Ironic, for a country which has not invaded any other country in last 10,000 years to be wiped out, by natural invasion.

                            Are we really second fastest growing nation for sure. Yes, we are. So why are we not that important enough to be saved.

                             Neither, do plants and seed and saplings seem to be on board, as far as it seems they are not.

               The lesson I learned, to be true friend of USA, one has to be seen as threatening in past or present.      

                This time is best to write this, cause this is not going to give rise to any controversies. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dreams in Fever

Yesterday night, I had fever and these dreams. What you make of them is up to you, but I had enough of the.

1. I somehow manage to get some money, and finance a world tour for myself. Nice! Next of all the vehicles, modes of transport, I choose a sail boat, I still know, that I dont know how to swim. I am still having cough and cold in dream. But nevertheless, I take on the challenge. Mean while, I manage to load all the things I own on the boat, in a heap, including my bike. After sailing for about half an hour I am wrecked. That was obvious. I some how manage to reach an inhabited Island, which has lot of snow, no coconuts, but countless cones of ice-cream, I die of severe cold complications, unattended.

2. I am sitting in a sofa, and watching TV, when suddenly comes a hand in front of me carrying a gun, and fires one at me, point blank, right in middle of the two eyes. I am instantly dead, and hovering over my dead body, when ACP-Pradhuman walks in. Damn- I should get my parents of that CID show on Sony.

3. I am sleeping, when an angel comes, and lifts me up in air. I feel light, like flying in air, and THUD!!! I open eyes, I have fallen of bed.

4. I win a lottery, and become super rich, by cheating out on a faculty I had, she is ugly and really bad, she cheated 40 marks out on me, nice revenge. But my family, friends, girl I love all leave me I am left alone. They dont like cheaters. I am left alone, meet a baba, who knows everything, a real sadhu, says "Your Penance is marrying the person you cheated on." I do the said. I am married to that faculty, she feeds me, takes care of me, but still i am losing my health. I die, to find out, she killed me off with Arsenic. I want to haunt her for her life, but i am whisked out to pearly gate. Where Saint Peter, and others get confused over my character, should I enter Heaven or Hell. Heaven stresses on 2 things that I did bad, calling my guru names and cheating her out. Hell says, she deserved it, and he has done no other thing wrong. As the time passes, the discussions worsen, and a war ensues between Heaven and Hell. On earth, I am a god, cause not a single person has died since my death. I am totally pissed off, cause i am not allowed to go down to earth and haunt her, she is enjoying my wealth, now really old, 150 years.

I am woken up, mom gives me coffee, and says "What rubbish were you talking in sleep, whom were you cursing?"

That's it no more Benadril for me, i have tendency to overdose on it and be delirious.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Material Girl

I know

it's silly

but still

it drives me crazy

the way she holds me

with her eyes

eyes - as blue as blue

bringing me down 

on my knees

crushing my heart 

& still

I fall for it

Again & Again

rising i walk away

from glitter of her eye

laughter of her victory

she finds it fancy

for she is Rich

Not by her own

she has no money

but quite a few honey

a little beauty

adding a little pussy

she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! she is such a bitch!

She bends rules

mends law

& buys her way out or in

Pulling a few strings

for all wrong things

For she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! for she is such a bitch

She has two legs

both right

for one foot forward 

& the doors are open

Where one would consider

making a living

she dreams of

owning the whole thing

for she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! For she is such a bitch

Diamonds are her only friends

her odour is of money

but still she is lonely

At the top of her hill

from where she looks

down on me

& i mistake her pity

for her love

& run amok

But still towards her

Then like a lightening 

a door closes on my toes

I fall flat on my nose

hear her laughter in rain

as my heart cries in vain

i know it's silly

It's her silly game

Love is only a name

& what’s in a name

But shame,

She finds it fancy

for she finds herself rich

Though she has no money

But a string of honey

Oh! She is such a Bitch!

                                  -Aditya Nandode

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Love!

First Love! How many people can forget their first love? All the first things that follow, first blush, first embarrassment, first propose and first heart brake! And then being in first gloom mood! Friends, helping out. It all makes a good memoir.

Just remembered my first love today, when i saw two kids walking along the road in school uniform, holding hands and sharing an ice-cream. So Chweet! Yes it is. There are no expectations, except sharing lunches, holding hands and in some cases, and may be a small kiss. Juvenile is what it is.

What i remember, a girl, no three of them, one junior to me, 1 senior to me and 1 of same age all at once. Never knew i loved them to start with. Only understood what was happening as time had passed. The senior girl introduced me to a guy, as her boy friend. My reaction was not much, but i did not trouble her again, was kinda jealous when i used to see them, Yes, sharing an ice-cream.

The junior came forward along with a rakhee, as told by her mother and tied it. Thats how most kid love stories end in India. We lived across the street so it was difficult to avoid her, but learned to think of her as a sister.

The one and only one remained, and i never approached her, she never approached me, till two years had passed, by this time others had cached up with me in growing up. And now there were many competitors. And she had many suitors, instead of bowing out; i made a dash for it. Wanted her to know that i liked her, now how to approach her.

Best way to get noticed was in front of me, a girl got dashed by a boy! And thats what i did, accidentally staged. But she had had practice of such stuff and she changed position with her friend, who was like not my type! And i was certainly not her type. Instead of shouting, this friend of her, pushed me with whole body force, and she was kind of wrestler! My bag was open; all my books were lying and worst i had fallen on another girl! Hell broke loose.

After that, i forgot about trying out any stunts, rest assured, none of the other suitors tried any funny business either and we all became friends. For next couple of years, she walked passed those corridors and we bunch of guys sighed!

By this time it was tenth and love just vanished from our thoughts, the first "No Time for Love" phase of my life, yes they do repeat, as most will know, cause its one year and 12th. We did become friends, but love thing was lost in the studies and notes.

And now, when i look back, i am not at all in contact with her, as if she and part she played in my life just vanished in past pages of memories. Good bye!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Passing out!

Hey! Yes,
The Jubilations,
Fresh out of cocoons
they flew
looking at new worlds
new treasures
basking in pure pleasure
unaware of unseen danger
with no shield
to shield
to hide
In fight
with unknown weapons
with unknown enemies
In flight
of their own
among their own
but still alone
Oh! Yes
out, free
with no rules
nor protection
But pleasure
a feeling of greatness, pride
slowly learning
to make it
on their own
in this
vast open world
New rules
to follow
ironic enough
made by them
for themselves
Again as per rule
some will rise
some will survive
& still some will perish
Oh! Yes
they are Graduates now
Wish them luck
for they should make it
for weight of dreams
lays on their shoulders
for eyes of elders
pray for their success
make it and make it big!

-Aditya Nandode