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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas! Merry Christmas! This season is incomplete without celebrating Christmas. But being an Indian, I am not that involved in celebrations. Love that story though, of Jesus and his birth. Love the decoration and sincerely love the Holiday that it brings with itself.

Never did i ever have asked Santa or written a letter to him or an email these days, was not part of my upbringing. No gifts, no frills for me, till i was about 7 year old. That's the first time I asked, why we do not calibrate Christmas? And got 1st lesson in religion, though my father is not a religious kind, he just did not want to calibrate a festival, that no one did around our house. Why look different when you have just started to fit in?
Then, thankfully, a Christian family became my dad's friend and from 8th year of my life I started celebrating Christmas. Not any fanfare, just a cake that was cut and shared. Since that day, one thing i wish for on a Christmas day is a Cake/Pastry, that i am having, but i am not it's buyer. Santa has to account for something, I have been good all this time. This year I had a craving for chocolates, the Kisses and Hershey's to be precise, and they have safely landed in my fridge, for my aunt just came back from USA, a whole 10 days earlier than planned.

So, its Merry Christmas to me! And Merry Christmas to all!

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soni said...

Merry Christmas...enjoy loads of chocalates n cakes !!! :)

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