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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Perfect Man: The Mythical!

The perfect man, as elusive as ever, was being discussed on the facebook by few of my friends, and hence I received all the updates by them. The way discussion was going it did not seem it will stop even after 100 points which Men should do and should not do.
At one point one of the girls said only Meera got a perfect man, and I had to say something. Have seen one of my cousin go meera way. Can not see a girl ruin her life that way.
And still there other hundreds of girls who say they are very happy with their choice. How this happens is somewhat this way....

A girl meets a boy, is probably a hunk, they like each other. Boy tells girl all positive things about him, is always pleasant with her, he is not acting he really likes her. Girl starts getting closer, wants to spend more time with guy, so meets up with his friends. Once she is accepted among guy's friends, friends start being normal. So does the guy.

Girl gets neglected among guy things and finds herself missing the points. Feels guy is not giving her same importance as he used too. Also the negatives about the guy are bombarded on her, friends either are to frank or too protective of group. Result friction, dialogues like "Leave your friends, or leave me!", "They are not good, nothing good will come off, of being with them.", or the most emotional one "You do not love me the same way!"

Once such sentence is uttered, relationship generally gets an expiry date. Girl tries to make changes in guy, wants to make him the idle man she had expected him to be on her first date. Hence what follows is a hard hitting breakup for both, on most times.

What follows for girl is a guy, who always used to like her, looking to score this time for she is un-engaged, free to be engaged again. The girl leans her teary head on this new guy, and plays perfect councillor and sympathiser. Girl tell and he acts. Girl tells him what she wanted from the first guy and he gives it to her.

Girl slowly starts realizing that this guy is all what she wanted. She does not understand, why she did not see him before, how could she have overlook this guy in first place, all such question go through her mind. And then its eureka for her. She never wanted this guy! She never wanted all those qualities in first place, its only what other's told that she added to her list, when she was growing up.

Hence, second break up is what takes place, where in proposal and breakup are simultaneous. After this the girl again meets some guy, whom she likes and he likes her, they go out together. This time girl does not try to befriend the guys friends but develops a cordial relationship, does not try to change his habits sparring few very important ones, one being to commit. Now a days, not even that. But these are the girls who say, i have found

The Just Perfect Guy!
For me!


Richa said...

okay.. nice i can somewhat relate to it.. i know it happens this way only..
But if we say, there is no perfect guy for a girl, similarly, there is no perfect girl as well.. love is a matter of choice i blv.. not happening :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Well Put!

Me said...

Its nt abt perfect anymore.. ;) No one is.. but the post is perfect 10 wen it comes to the discussion the Perfect Guy Myth :D

Apoyando said...

Love! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...(wanted to write more haha(s).

As far as I know love is always unconditional.Thats wut I tried to put up in last blog 'Aroha'

Any-ways Nice research buddy.The conclusion is really so damn true..

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