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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Passing out!

Hey! Yes,
The Jubilations,
Fresh out of cocoons
they flew
looking at new worlds
new treasures
basking in pure pleasure
unaware of unseen danger
with no shield
to shield
to hide
In fight
with unknown weapons
with unknown enemies
In flight
of their own
among their own
but still alone
Oh! Yes
out, free
with no rules
nor protection
But pleasure
a feeling of greatness, pride
slowly learning
to make it
on their own
in this
vast open world
New rules
to follow
ironic enough
made by them
for themselves
Again as per rule
some will rise
some will survive
& still some will perish
Oh! Yes
they are Graduates now
Wish them luck
for they should make it
for weight of dreams
lays on their shoulders
for eyes of elders
pray for their success
make it and make it big!

-Aditya Nandode


Richa said...

lovely! so nostalgic i am :D

soni said...

Amazing!!! Its lovely :)

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