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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dreams in Fever

Yesterday night, I had fever and these dreams. What you make of them is up to you, but I had enough of the.

1. I somehow manage to get some money, and finance a world tour for myself. Nice! Next of all the vehicles, modes of transport, I choose a sail boat, I still know, that I dont know how to swim. I am still having cough and cold in dream. But nevertheless, I take on the challenge. Mean while, I manage to load all the things I own on the boat, in a heap, including my bike. After sailing for about half an hour I am wrecked. That was obvious. I some how manage to reach an inhabited Island, which has lot of snow, no coconuts, but countless cones of ice-cream, I die of severe cold complications, unattended.

2. I am sitting in a sofa, and watching TV, when suddenly comes a hand in front of me carrying a gun, and fires one at me, point blank, right in middle of the two eyes. I am instantly dead, and hovering over my dead body, when ACP-Pradhuman walks in. Damn- I should get my parents of that CID show on Sony.

3. I am sleeping, when an angel comes, and lifts me up in air. I feel light, like flying in air, and THUD!!! I open eyes, I have fallen of bed.

4. I win a lottery, and become super rich, by cheating out on a faculty I had, she is ugly and really bad, she cheated 40 marks out on me, nice revenge. But my family, friends, girl I love all leave me I am left alone. They dont like cheaters. I am left alone, meet a baba, who knows everything, a real sadhu, says "Your Penance is marrying the person you cheated on." I do the said. I am married to that faculty, she feeds me, takes care of me, but still i am losing my health. I die, to find out, she killed me off with Arsenic. I want to haunt her for her life, but i am whisked out to pearly gate. Where Saint Peter, and others get confused over my character, should I enter Heaven or Hell. Heaven stresses on 2 things that I did bad, calling my guru names and cheating her out. Hell says, she deserved it, and he has done no other thing wrong. As the time passes, the discussions worsen, and a war ensues between Heaven and Hell. On earth, I am a god, cause not a single person has died since my death. I am totally pissed off, cause i am not allowed to go down to earth and haunt her, she is enjoying my wealth, now really old, 150 years.

I am woken up, mom gives me coffee, and says "What rubbish were you talking in sleep, whom were you cursing?"

That's it no more Benadril for me, i have tendency to overdose on it and be delirious.


Unknown said...

fever ke side effects !! lol

Richa said...

I told u.. and this post tells me u arent used to drinking :D

Me said...

Thank God!! but achcha hain...dreams toh bade masaledaar they :D

soni said...

yup masaledaar and its very funny too :)

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