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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quote Unquote.

If I had been a celebrity , scribes would have been hungry for my quotes, and I would have been in greater trouble than anyone else for saying so; here are some samples:

Some beggar: Give 1Re. in name of X god.
Me: I am not Hindu.

Some more: Well as far as I know; Jinnah was secular until he got jealous of Gandhi.

Good that we have religion to fight over in India, else like everyone else we would have been fighting on colour of our skin.

Nothing is worse than surviving a suicide, you are punished for surviving, while if you die, your oppressor are punished!

If one day everyone starts loving everyone, that night many hearts will be broken.

They say : Failure results in better learning.
Me: Failing to follow law, results in crime, everyone should be given equal chance to learn, then be it a murderer. (And in India some do get, but it's not equal in giving opportunities.)

Democracy is right to choose one nut-case character among nuttiest, who will compete among the other 500 odd for coming 5 years.

Computers are useless, they only give answers, we very well know how stupid can people be in asking questions.

Maddof was not a criminal when he siphoned of your money, you were criminally insane to give it to him in first place, in absence of any checks.

I think these are enough, or else I will start insulting people now.


Satinder S. Panesar said...

Cool :)

Ayreej Rahman said...

Lol... Most of it are so true......
Nice post!!!

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