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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yun toh jee lenge sari umar
par tere bina
Sapne adhure
armaan adhure
ek adhurisi zindagani
Waise toh
Dil main mehman kai
par tere iss aashiyane main
bin tere
koi thera kahan hai
bikhri yaadein
bikhre sapno ko
sanjoya kahan hain
Yun akele gungunate hue
saanson main
tere bina
sur kahan hain
pal pal ke ishare main
rishton ke dagoan main
bune lamhon main
arth kahan hai
In hatho main
agar tumhara hath na hoto
agar is zindagi main
tumhara sath na hoto
wo khushi
kahan hogi
wo muskhurahat 
kahan hogi
wo deewangi
kahan hogi
wo jindadili
kahan hogi
bin tere
hum na honge......

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not your World!

You know it is not your world that you have been plucked out of your own world, abducted by alien etc when you see something different, something you thought did not existed in this world, and the street you walk down, just proves you wrong. Something of sort happened to me last week end.
  1. Off all the people a poster of GURUJI Sibu Soren comes up! Seriously! Guruji!
  2. The best coffee house in town is CCD! No local shop good enough to be a hangout place! Come on! CCD is not value for money! But every source said CCD.
  3. The 60 KM journey takes 3 hours, and the bus driver has no remorse for being late + the volvo has no fault.
  4. The electronic transfer of money takes one whole day to reflect! ICICI Bank.
  5. Airtel calls to tell my papers are inadequate, about prepaid connection, while post-paid connection has no trouble, was prepaid not the easer one to bag?
  6. Dog's dont bark, not at you, or any other stranger of any species. Street Dogs included.
  7. Girl walks stooped, with help from 4 of her friends; no she is not hurt; her dress is too heavy. No! She is not the bride.
  8. Another poster: "World Wild Famous: With Regainable rates!"
And then I came across a good innovation, soundproof toilets in a hotel.

Hotel manager: "The biggest turn off that our guest experienced during their stay here in past was some or the guy making funny noises, while emptying his bowels."

Good innovation! And from now on, the biggest turn off for guest would be manager's speech.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Disappointment does not mean opposite of appointment, rather unfortunately, if I may add so. But what is disappointment really? 

Dictionary defines it as follows

Disappointment:  The noun disappointment has 2 senses:
1. an act (or failure to act) that disappoints someone 
2. a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized

I am really interested in second definition here, would that not make men disappointed in 99% of the women they meet, though on other hand women are disappointed in all the men they meet, already, so after assembling a team of managers, various scientists and psychics working with a healthy sample of general population, subjecting it to scientific procedure of research methods, mathematics of permutation and combinations, and some common sense, 95% of people living or dead lived a disappointed life.

The 5% fortunate ones are: 

1. At present infants, who would soon grow up to have a disappointed life.
2. This is poor statement but sadly, infants who die early: Ironic.(Only managers would state such a fact!)
3. The insane! (This probably includes successful managers and politicians.)

On the other hand people who disappoint some or the other, again setting up a committee of ex-service men, a judge and few old politicians, using all the monetary  resources, disregarding the common sense, using none of the scientific method, none of the people in world disappoint! After all vote bank is important.

Living world aside, a pure thought, you are bound to disappoint someone or the other in your life, and at some point of my life, so will I. So stop worrying, & start living the way you want to. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


Yeh hain meri kholi
kabhi thi yeh 
mera adda
yahan takrate they
shishe se shishe
chalakte the jam
aaj duniya dekhta hun
shishe ke chashmo se
hain re
meri duniyan
Yeh kholi thi
kabhi mera
dhun jhum
nachte the hum
raat bhar
ke tale hain
ab ghadde 
hain re
meri duniya
kabhi meri
kholi thi
plateon main
thi pasta se
aaj goliyan
karti hain 
raaj yahan
Yeh meri kholi
thi kabhi
hum churate the
hoton se
ab aankhon ki
jane hain kahan
Yeh meri kholi
thi kabhi
na jane 
kab ye 
ban jaye
mera magbara
jane na
hain re meri duniyan
Yeh meri kholi
adda hi rahi
na dekha isne
sath kisika
na dekhe
koi haath
jo sajaye ye aashiyan
banaye ghar ise kabhi
hain re meri duniyan.........

Thursday, October 28, 2010


One morning I wake up for sun is shining in my room, and that's no reason for me to get up, I should have just be asleep for an hour more. I was not going to be missing any deadline, still I decided to get up and get going, unlike my character; it was that kind of weird day. 

I was on my bike and off in no time, a good 30 minutes early than being 10 minutes late as normal and first hurdle comes by. As soon as I am outside the society gate 2 small girls wanting to go to school, but not allowed to, I guess, they had boys uniform on, belonging to brother or given by someone, but had no bags. Just about manage not to hit them. Well don't get me wrong here, I was just coming out of gate and they were running amok on the Mumbai-Bangalore by-pass highway! Still a narrow escape!

Two minutes ahead, and I come across a turn, which would allow me to get to other side of road, turn left, right, go under the highway, left and join the highway, drive straight to destination. Easy! Routine, but I was early. 

A woman with two kids.....

Woman: "Walk or I will spank you, school is not far!"

Boys: "I don't wana go! Why don't you send sisters, if it is really good?"

Woman pulling them ahead, and them wanting to turn around, pulling her back. Two steps forward and one back, 2 forward, 1 back and suddenly 1 forward and 2 back. And a truck decides to show up from opposite direction. Woman and kids argue, pulling each other on other side, and bang they stop right in middle of where I am heading, covering all of my side of road, and truck the other half. I break, truck screeches and I hit gravel. Only one thought in my mind.

"Why the hell she had to stop in middle of road, on last turn to highway, and why the fuck that truck is coming my way!"

When I come to a stop, my bike is making love to that fat truck, the woman and kids are still arguing, while saying sorry to me, truck driver is running away in fields. I get up, look at my hand, and feel a bruise on my leg, thumb is swelling up, and the woman asks her sons to have some water and stop crying. 

That flips my head, I shout at her, and to truck driver "I am not going to die you idiot! Get back here." After all he is blocking whole way now. I pick up my bike, check if it is working and I am off to office. 

Work, could not be put off, so after full day I was coming back home when the woman and her four kids along with husband at my societies gate. Though i have had it, she has brought her husband for shouting at her, and prepared for worst.

Woman: "Thank you for asking my girls to get back at home and saving their lives, and sorry for causing that accident of yours."

I was surprised! I had missed those girls by small space and had told them to go near their father/mother. that's all, how had I saved their lives!

And there it was, remains of 2 mangled cars, at the spot where girls were, horrible accident, one of the car's tyre had burst and crossed over the divider to hit another, and roll over to the service road, five minutes more and I would have been under!

 I vow to never get out of bed early again. Period.

One thing worse than committing a mistake; is being a victim of an accident that one did not commit. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I miss you!

You look beautiful
when I close my eyes
I dream of you
beside me
and when I wake up
I miss
being beside you
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
like everyday
when I see those eyes
innocent mischief in them
captures my heart
I miss
them looking at me
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
Its no surprise
still you mesmerize me
with your poise
you snick
right into my heart
I miss
that warmth in my heart
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
when I felt your touch
a shiver ran through my nerves
I felt good
even on saddest day
your fingers 
in my hand
changed the scenario in my heart
I miss
that warmth in my hand
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
those hairs
teasing me
tickling me
I miss 
them falling on my face
sweet smell of your neck
I want to run my finger
over your skin
giving you goose bumps
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
when you are asleep
like a small doll
crying out
on being disturbed
I miss
disturbing you
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful
if it were not for today
it might have been a tomorrow
I would have fallen in love
with you
for I fall in love with you
over and over
I miss
loving you forever
I miss you
I cant live another day
without you
to be with you
I can wait forever......
You look beautiful..........

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full circle!

A long time ago a boy lived in a small town on countryside, and loved a simple country side girl.  They had been friends since childhood, but then the conservative society had made them switch too secretive way of communications. This was the era where text messages were sent and received in form a crumpled paper balls, and they used to do so. One day, boy decided that it was time to take next step, and graduate from being just friends to lovers, and he wrote a love letter to her, crumpled up and dropped it when no one was looking, and she picked it up as skill fully as he had dropped. 

That night boy was a little to curious, he could not control his excitement, wanted to see her reaction when she read his letter, that way he would be ready to face the answer when she actually delivers it to him, whatever it was going to be, yes or no, it was going to be tough. So he crept to just below her room's window, where she had mentioned she used to read his notes. And he could look at her through her window, mesmerized. Her silky smooth skin, with black flowing hair sliding off her shoulder, her true beauty in her full splendour was visible, and she had that piece of paper, a piece of his heart in her hand. She is reading it.

"Nooooooooo" she screams, and lights go off! And he can hear her crying! Heartbroken the boy returns home, and unable to sleep that night, he cannot understand her rejection of him. Everything in this village reminds him of her, and her rejection rings in his ears, he decides to leave the village. Still, he does not want his parents to suffer; he does not want them to know that he is in reality running away. 

He ponders on his option, and while he is doing so, he avoids old pals and places. On one such unknown route he meets an older Gentleman who is not from the village, and gains his confidence by helping him unstuck a wheel of his horse carriage. In a pub down the route boy learns that the Gentleman is from the army. Boy starts asking him lot of questions and gentleman starts answering, thinking like any village lad this boy also has many dreams and is curious of outside world. 

                Boy: "So does a bullet hurt much?"

                Gentleman: "It hurts a lot," now quite drunk "but nothing hurt's more than a broken heart."

Boy had got his answer, next morning he packs his bags, tells parents, who feel proud of him, after all they have had a rich army background. It is army, which shall take him places, take him away from this village, from her. 

First day into army, and he is put in to hardship, but nothing deters him, he just makes a name for himself "The Unbreakable" nothing and nothing hurts him, no amount of punishment, no amount of exercise, no amount of hardship ever changes the expression on his face. All this is attributed to his military bloodline. A true blue army blood! Like the blue coats they respected. 

One year into army and he has become one of the strongest recruits, and now has been posted in a remote tough terrain border area of the empire, but this guy is relentless, he does not even crave woman! Not even once in a blue moon! Rumours start spreading, of him being gay. Instances of him looking away from women ( for he still sees her in every woman who comes across him) are discussed among colleagues without having any background knowledge. No one tries to ask him, "Why?" 

Until one night; an officer above his rank, calls him into his bunker, alone and suggests bending to his wishes. Boy ponders for few minutes, contemplating on whether to deny this man love or to say yes and try loving men for once, for he would never be able to love another woman, and he gives in. He follows his superior's instructions, and loses his virginity to him. This continues till he is posted there, every night, every night learning something new, something different, but never feeling any emotions. And one day, war breaks out! 

The boy's group is sent to the war front, where they are greeted by new commanding officer and two more regiments. On war front, women are seldom available, and many straight men turned gay, and no exclusivity remained. And in this scenario a tough gay man was hard to find, but here was one! His reputation preceded him! Boy had no choice but to give in, he could not say no, he still could not see face of a woman and had no feelings for men, but he gave in, for sake of being accepted in the twisted society he now was in. 

He was heroic! There was no other ruthless, tactful and brutally strong soldier in army, his heroics in battle brought him medals, promotions, out of turn promotions and name and fame to his parents. And his nights never went alone in those bunkers, sleeping with his men, now he had become an expert in that too! He could easily write Kama Sutra for gays, but he still did not have any feelings for them.

In one of the battle he gets injured saving life of one of his men, he is brought to hospital, where a peculiar thing happens. This guy screams at touch of a female nurse and curses them, warning them to never touch him again. He vows to never get injured, never ever.

After a decade since he joined army, after the end of war, the boy had grown to be the Colonel in army, and was given a 6 month long holiday, for he had been in war and performed really well for continuous 4 years and that to without a break in past 10 years. This guy never wanted to go back to his village, the memory of his rejection was still fresher than the last guy he killed in a battle.

Coming back to his village, the boy is hit by the nostalgia, and if nothing else he did miss his parents and his home, and he still misses her. As he reaches home, he hugs his parents and decides to rest for a while. he learns that his sister is married to his best friend in war times, letter must have got lost somewhere at that time.

In evening, his sister along with his best friend and now brother in law, and his tormentor of the decade, the girl walk in to meet him. He looks at her longingly, but moves away to his room. Sensing something to be out of place, his best pal follows him in, and gives him 10 year old letter back.

Boy looks at it, and

                Boy: "Yes! I wrote that letter, what about it?"

                Pal: "Yes, I know, she wrote the answer for you!"

                Boy: "I know it is 'No'! Why is she here, to humiliate me more?"

             Pal: "I should not have read it, but i did, when you left for the army, it does not say 'No'! She said 'Yes' to you!"

The girl walks in!

               Girl: "Why did you leave, without hearing my answer? Why did you make me wait so long?"

               Boy: "What are you talking about? I heard her scream her answer out, the same night I gave her the letter!"

            Girl: "Yes! I did scream that night, because there was a pervert standing outside my window, and I felt my modesty had been compromised."

              Boy: "Noooooooo!" Screams! Last 10 years of his life, flashing through his eyes.

After that the famed Colonel retired from army, got married and left the country to start a new life in country of dreams, across the ocean. 

Reverting back to present, a 70 year old man ask's his eldest grandchild, who is going through a similar situation in his life, while he is surrounded by his family, holding his wife's hand: "So the morale of the story is?"
And before the grandchild to whom it is directed could answer, a 5th grader steps in and says: "God punished grandpa for being pervert!"

And everyone laughs, as grandpa laughed!

Morale: Do not assume response by reaction of people alone, get context of the reaction verified too!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


"My life is made of Mistakes, hope it did not begin as one and certainly do not want it to end as one."

However, that would explain a lot of things, would it not, as being mistakenly send to earth, gods big mistakes, tries to cover it up with all his might, but we are just fine bolts in a perfectly running machine which gives perfect reason for non mistakes to laugh out at, yell at, and get frustrated at. 

If life had never changed in its course and had we never grown up, we would never have anything to look back too, and nothing to analyze and say "Those were the best days of my life" or "That was a big mistake!" Even though we have moved on, life has its ways of giving us those chances to reflect on the past, I just had one such chance. Few days back I moved my place of residence and my mom has asked me to let go of some old possessions, and I started that process, and came across some interesting stuff. 

As a child I wrote some relevant things on first page of note books, on one I did not write anything, my class test book, it had only one test. I had scored 0 out of 20, but I distinctly remembered appearing for more than 1! So where are the rest?

And there they were in second test book for the same subject, guess I never showed the 1st one to mom. Second one is no better in marks department, but then I do remember my teacher smiling at me each time she handed the book to me. She must have taken the words on 1st page seriously. They were: "Life-it ain't easy, it's tough, so what's you gota do is keep a smile on your face, make world a better place to live." That did not make my world any better; I never passed her class test. I guess that's why I wrote the following on last page of book.

Instant formula of success
Boil water in iron vessel
Add 10 dry skin freckles
50 smoking sherikens
10 nails of gecko
10 dead fat bat wings
100 year old blooming lotus

I have no idea what I was reading or watching, that inspired me to consider above remedy, but then it also has not worked, may be the ingredients are too rare.

I also made a secret diary, and wrote only one thing, and that to on it's cover, "Secret Diary" well it was not that simple to open, whoever opened it, would not be able to close it, but then that would not serve the purpose of keeping things secret.

Various doodles of cars and other things made me think, whether I would have been a better designer than an engineer, well unanswerable question now.

And one more fine quote, on music class not book 
"Human aspirations are Infinite Horizons; one can attain them through music."
"Human Aspirations are Infinite Horizons, which can never be attained."
for maths book, which were modified to
"Human Aspirations are Infinite Horizons; one can reach through Hard-work, Determination and dedication"
by the maths teacher, as a lesson for me. 

And then there was my 1st poem, an assignment I had to do for English, it was an outcome of a mistake, I was not going to attempt poetry, but an article, however I forgot about that homework, and last moment entry, I was able to jot down few lines which turned out okay! I scored better than I had though, she gave me 6 out of 10 and since then I have never stopped trying poetry.

I have realized one thing: You cannot design your life like a park, which has all the beautiful and fun things, and not a speck of litter. For, when you are busy designing that park, other forces are busy designing dark alleys, stinky gutters, random rubble, etc etc etc, after all, you are not the only architects. Then some people do say: Good fate/bad fate is a resultant of our sins in past life.  For them: You remain stupid, until you die, then you are not enlightened, but you are simply dead stupid. 

So if there were no mistakes, life would be plain boring old story of perfection. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
kisi ke liye wo bas
ek kahani hai
pariyo ki
rajao ki
aur ranio ki
sukh ke baad
aansuo ki
dukh ke baad
khushiyo ki
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
duniya se chupi
begani hai
uski awaaz 
dabi hai
hungame main
khoi hai
par koshish
puri hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
wo kuch aisi
dewani hai
ek khwaish
bhi hain
naino main
ek shararat 
suchi bhi hain
duniya se jeetne ki
zeed bhi hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
andhere main
ek kiran
kahin koyle main
ek hera
dil main
ek aasha
abhi baki hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai
aaj adhuri
par kabhi toh
puri honi hain
aakhir wobhi
ek kahani hain
Uska to kissa har raat ka
uski zindagani hai.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it Appropriate?

This post is dedicated to my friends, colleagues and whoever I have communicated in my life time and consider some spoken words to be inappropriate, and I do not try to live any part of humane society.

The most inappropriate thing a woman must have asked another newly married woman to get back at her husband, in his presence "So how was your first night?" And the correspondent goes on to describe it in great detail. Guys are not behind in this game, just that the ploy is employed at start of the relationship, where in one guy tries to prove that he has spent his life achieving more than the other in dreaming up achievements.

People who are not political should say "I Don't Know" when asked about their political inclination, and not something that they just feel is right, for example: "What is your political inclination?" Ans: "Oh! I am straight."

An open invitation to get you killed. Example "To haters of same gotra marriage, be happy that your kid is marrying someone of opposite sex, same gotra is least of your problem" When the speaker shouts this out on a station in Haryana, you should get the picture, when last killings were just 2 days back. This is termed being politically correct at wrong time and place, as far as gotra is concerned, but why comparing it with gay marriages?

Grilling for the sake of personal gain; well most end up doing this, more so in some professions than others; when they themselves would rather be on the same camp. For instance: "I am quite liberal, I have nothing against same sex marriages, but they do not sound natural." This statement has been on TV lot of times. "So would you be friends with someone who is not straight?" Look the interviewer shy always from the use of word "Gay/Lesbian". This is Hypocrisy at its best, when it comes to Gay/Lesbian relationship.

In India we jump on to personal questions instantly, we do not give a second thought to how the opposite person might take it. For instance: Q: "Are you married?" A: "No" Q:"So, do you have a girlfriend?" A:"No, do you?" "No" Next day while walking in a park, you meet that colleague and go: Q: "So you have come here with your brother?"

As soon as your girlfriend goes out to take a call, her best friend asks you: "Is it possible for you to strip dance for us on bachelors party of another best friend." Well a bit extreme, but she hits on you with most obvious words. Most guys sit in same boat too. 

"Inappropriate touch" this is too vague, if you go by Indian cultural standards, any touch to Woman by Man is inappropriate, except hands in support when she asks, or accepts a man's offer; so that tab on the shoulder, pat on back are all inappropriate! That does bring me to a question: How to get a woman to pay attention to you when she is not facing you, you do not know her name and there is lot of noise?-No answer.

Gossiping! I do not have to say anything, one thing leads to another and soon a rumour is believed to be true. 

These are enough for a day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pretty Woman!

Hey Woman!
Walking down the street
white top
blue shorts
Pretty Woman
You are breaking my heart!
With every step away
You are taking my breath!
With every flick of strand
those curls
Pretty Woman
Walking down the street
money in hand
she is on a mission
she has her eyes set
she has a way with fashion
Pretty Woman
Walking down the street
cool wind
blue sky
I am having that moment
in life
when every thing else 
seems trivial
life is just you!

These words just came to my head, and then a friend of mine just pointed out the scene of Pretty Woman-Julia Roberts, and hence then added the movie name in between, and hence forms a tribute to movie I have liked for years along with the other film from the team: The Runaway Bride. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is Love?

 What  is Love?
a feeling which can not be stopped,
a feeling which can not be started,
a birth which can not be predicted,
a birth which can not be aborted,
a growth which can not be sprouted,
a growth which can not be curtailed,
a possession which can not be valued,
a possession which can not be ignored,
a desire which is desired,
a desire which is least understood,
a gift which everyone prays for,
a gift which should not be missed,
a gift which most fail to recognize,
a gift which fewer accept,
a gift in which even fewer accept to believe in it,
a gift which is mistaken for lust,
and lust mistaken for it,
once accepted
a feeling which has no definite taste,
a feeling which which has no definite mood,
a feeling which leaves its mark,
for eternity,
a desire,
a desire for more,
and more,
and more,
until it gets larger than life,
finding that One
It's a hunt not to kill, but to live.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Fasting is such a religious issue in our country, before we started dieting; people in India were fasting for one or the other deity on one or the other day. On going on these fasts many things are supposed to happen, a sort of wish list, for example

1. Getting a good life partner.

So much for the saying that good matches are made in heaven, nope they are bestowed on a person who does maximum fasts, with out most sincerity. I would rather go with fast concept, it explains all the failed or compromise marriages we get to see.

2. Getting Marks.

Some people are content with visiting god "temple/gurudwara/mosque" on the day of results, others on morning of the exam, and then some are hard believers in god, who think god favors those who are regular to worship place rather than the lecture where Professor chats for long hours or spending sometime with books which are matter of fact a way to worship Saraswati-the goddess of Knowledge.

3. Getting an Opportunity.

One big business opportunity/ job opportunity without any efforts into actual proceedings or knowledge is useless, but who cares when "Ram naam japo aur paraya maal apna!" (Chanting name of God Rama can make you owner of property belonging to others) then why waste ones time and effort on actually doing anything.

4. Asking for forgiveness.

This is the most awesome thing about fasting, do wrong, wrong someone and then punish self by not eating and you gain all the sympathy of the world while the victim has to forgive you and forget while situation for him/her does not change. So, one gets forgiven without undoing the wrong, but just showing that you are feeling remorse for your actions.

5. Social Cause.

From Telangana to corruption anything can be solved by this way(that's how image is projected), go on a fast, for the cause of people, gain mileage and if you are lucky enough a seat in next election and a sure win too, for people do fall for this one. And after the mileage is gained, slowly moment is put out of limelight and most people tend to forget the cause and remember the leader.

6. Love.

How come fasting or punishing oneself make him or her fall in love with you? May be 1st point applies here, instead of the best possible match you end up with the one which you want, on most occasions a sub-standard one. Sub-standard, for which person would chose to be with a person who is so unstable when it comes to mind, that s/he is ready to give life up for one other person, only another such unstable person can, I suppose.

7. Married Woman.

For getting same husband again and again! Really! I doubt this reason, i suppose it is for getting a better one next time around. On other hand I think, it is a ritual to boost male ego, that they satisfy her needs so well that she intends to get same partner for all her births in this world, after all she wishes for same husband on 7 births, but if we are really being born again and again the loop of 7 in each of the 7 births easily goes to eternity (This calculation sounds easy to me, I still have some knowledge of computer engineering left in me.:p)

8. Success of someone else.

These selfless people are in true sense fasting for happiness of others, but people do not realize that it in turn makes them happy too! I am not saying that they are not selfless, but it is kind of hobby too! If some one achieves something, which they prayed for, makes them feel connected to god, and gives them a sense of achievement. If you think I am not right just think of the day Sachin Tendulkar scored that double hundred in one day international, did not most fans pray for it, and did they not feel a sense of achievement and also happiness!

9. Inspiration/Workaholic.

Some people just forget to eat while working, these people are workaholics and then some others tend to get there brain to think right in deprived state only, after all Darwins theory of "Survival of Fittest" is not just some conspiracy theory.

Also the religious fast are best among all to perform; you can opt to eat special foods like fruits, dry fruits, special dishes, chips and what not to past the day. Interesting thing is that these all foods tend to be high calorie items on most times.

Well I am stopping my list here, but if you want to add anything, you can live that in comments section.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Optimism! Anyone?

Its morning, lovely one, there is no sun around, no rains, no wind; it’s a good morning, as I wake up and get ready, Oh! The blazer is just right size; it is falling off my shoulders but who would notice anyway! I wear the most formal dress in my life, black blazer white shirt, black pant, black tie with elegant white embroidery, back shoes and black socks and not to forget that white handkerchief.
*No I was not getting married, or dressed to kill and was not even on a date with some rich dame, but was just going to have my convocation.* So I move on to bathing and I am out of shampoo, *but nothing to worry, this is a rather perfect da, nothing in my hair a small amount of jail cannot fix!*
It is time to move out and on to bike, and as I wait for lift, which is out of order, I have to take the healthier option, the stairs, this day is awesome. *I am actually using lift and losing some of that puppy fat on my tummy.*
Stairs bring in some local news too, as dejected people climb, I smile at them beamingly and ask, “Why the long face?” And pat comes’ the reply, “Our motorbikes were stolen from the parking below. “ Holy shit! *What a wrong side to get up on such a good morning!* as I go running to my bike to check if it is there, and it is there. *And it smells so good here* as I look around I find few roses in ever pile of smelly garbage. *How lovely! #NotetoSelf Pick up roses while coming back*
Kick, start and away……as I reach first turn, *Oh! Wow! Look that road is such a colour of chocolate, as if yesterday’s rains have brought my dream of world made of chocolate to life* And on second there is a truck turned turtle and it is time for me to take the longer route. *Hmmmm…..that poor driver looks so dead* the ambulance picks up mangled body of driver and throws it in. *He would not be able to see me take my degree: first class with distinction! Poor guy! He lost his life on such a beautiful day! Yes! I know I was not getting any Nobel award, just a degree; even that Nobel is not watched by many, #NotetoSelf (Habit picked up from #twitter :p) should get an Oscar.*
And as I complete that detour, I get another look at that accident and it has caused a hell of a traffic jam. *Should buy some jam, have not had Pineapple flavour since long time.* Not a single vehicle in my lane! *Yahoo! Clean way to destiny!* Accelerate and I am almost there, except the road is blocked up by the tailing traffic from the accident. *No worries I can take that under the bridge, which none use detour.* and I am under the bridge, and does not smell at all! *Oh! Yes, it is such a nice smell, which makes one want to empty ones bladder too!* welcome to the open urinal of the slum nearby, and  I simply hope now, not open toilet too.
And my institute is here, and I am on way to the auditorium, when I learn my name is not in list, because they did not get my email of confirmation! While I was among the ones who confirmed  on the very first day the bookings opened! I do not get a dress for the same reason; no degree on stage for lack of time and in this last bit, my friends gave me company.
And that was the sudden death of Optimism for me, thought something’s have changed, something’s would change too and we are back to square one, one more management institute doing mismanagement, but then this convocation was left to 1st year 1st semester students with no supervision! Great going, great lesson from a good blunder!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle Tips You! 2.

                            I hope you remember me, I am Michelle, Aditya/@TaiyouSun's dog? I gave some points from my life last time, I am sure they have been useful for you and have learned something too. On other hand, I have grown bit older too, agree it has been just half a month, but us dogs live a fast paced life, see I am only 12 months old, but I am already a teen by human equivalent of our life span. So here are some more things that I have learned.

  1. Demand only what you need, you will get what you want for being good.
  2. Lick your masters face, lips if possible, you get an Idea what kind of food they eat.
  3. Walk where ever you go, It is more fun and you get more smells to experience and more living beings cross your path, hence more chance to make new friends.
  4. Do not over exert yourself, take time out to relax, make it clear to others too, that it is your off time.
  5. Car ride is fun, good for a change once in a while, but be careful, sitting inside when it is running is fun, but behind or in front of it can be fatal.
  6. Stick your tongue out of car window, the number of taste you will be able to taste is simply mind boggling.
  7. Get wet in rain, its fun, but do not stay wet for long, you will fall ill.
  8. Where ever you go, what ever changes, you will be safe and happy in end, as long as people you love are with you.
  9. Do not run off on your own, this applies to kids specially, bad characters may attack you.
  10. Do not eat from strangers, strangers can be jealous beings, who can go to any length, even poison you or kidnap you.
  11. Avoid street food, it is not good for your health.
  12. Life is not as simple as it seems, one has to make lot of grave decisions, like: "When they serve 2 plates of dishes, which one to choose?" at such times, follow your instincts.
  13. There is nothing wrong in wagging your tail, whenever required, that keeps your master in an illusion that they are masters.
  14. At end of day, no one, but you are master of your own life, it is your decision that makes the difference in future, for example: if I play in mud, I am bound to get a bath.
  15. Play in mud, bath is only water minus soil, you can learn to have fun with it too.
    That's all for today, will let you know from here, as I get older, and learn newer things.

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Past relationship - Baggage!

                             Many people have wondered over this question for long, and most say in case you are not the first boyfriend or girlfriend of your current, you have to face baggage of past relationships, but when one says past relationships, why do people forget that having boyfriend or girlfriend is a very small percentage of all relationships that all we people have over our lives!

                             If you are a girl, have you not come to meet a guy who is  Mama's boy "Maa da Ladla?"  A foodie; "Why you can not cook like my mother?" or a rebellious,"Baap ke virudh!" A guy who spends more time with his friends or playing football/cricket or even a pet, rather than with you?

                             On other hand if you are a guy, have you not seen a girl who does not lie to her parents, or at least to mother not even once, or a girl who says you are like my dad/you are not at all like him "father figure" and girl nights or friends who are boys but not boy friends "Z does not treat me this way?"  "Z" cause, he is the last person, you would consider to be compared with!

                            If you thought parents are enough, have you considered siblings? A girl would go "Do not even think of me, you are not bad, but my brother would kill you if he comes to know!" This is the same brother, whose love marriage you attended last month, and when you remind her about this; "He thinks I am good and little girl, and I do no want to break his heart!" Mind you, words can differ from "My brother is a body builder to thrasher of his sister's lover."

                            Guys would go on to say; "Wear clothes like my sister when you come to my home, Ok!" or "My sister does not have a boy friend, so she is of excellent character!" -Like "Wo dudh ki dhuli" She is ever going to let him know! Further "She does not even have any guy as a friend in her group!" as if he has a sniffer dog behind her. And for the same reason your character is suspect!

                             Now how can you ever say that relationships do not come with the past?

                             *This post is an entry under "Do all relationships come with the past? Soch Lo!" contest. please vote for me on IndiVine  http://www.indiblogger.in/indivine.php*

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Michelle Tips You!

                            I am Michelle, I am Aditya/@TaiyousSun's Labrador retriever, and I see world in a different way, and have some peculiar way of practicing them, and I expresses absolute disgust at Human ways. Here are my tips for you:

    1. There is no specific time to sleep, sleep when you feel like, and wake up when you feel like.
    2. Eat whenever you feel the need to, you are not supposed to eat just because it is there served in a dish for you.
    3. Do not eat with your butt in one place, at least do not sleep or sit while eating, like any buffet, take a bite, walk some distance and then consume you food. This also keeps you fit!
    4. There is no need to do any work, you just need to find the right master and be friends with him/her and family.
    5. You can be friends with anyone, all you need is right approach, and then be it cats, dogs, birds, and most difficult Humans.
    6. With small children, babies, keep the distance, they only like to see you, and even that may make them cry, only go near if they smile and put a hand forward, then too bring your softest side close to them.
    7. Toddlers, will keep their distance or will get close to you, sit down and let them touch your soft side.
    8. Once in a while you may find a rotten one, who would try to hit you, but you will not get hurt.
    9. Slightly older children can keep their balance and are the once you can play with and jump around with, still do not let your teeth touch them. 
    10. Do not show your teeth to people you want to be friends with.
    11. Go for a walk every day.
    12. When it comes to smell, do not limit your experience to flowers alone, there are large varieties of smell out there!
    13. Dry shit is best chewing thing there is after bones, not sticky gums.
    14. Size matters, larger ball is more fun, you can kick around, and it will return to you, would not get stuck under sofa.
    15. Cover up your pee, do not pee on open cemented ground, either seek out a cloth, but best is a mud ground; it soaks up everything and does not smell bad.
           That's enough for one day; you can come back to my class, whenever I feel like taking one! Bye for now! Woof! 

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    You are There!

    I am running around
    having time of my life
    fun it is 
    all the way
    I look around
    You are there
    Looking at me
    your fun in my fun
    having time of your life
    I am winning something
    a taste of success
    a first for me
    applause all around
    I look around
    You are there
    applauding me
    celebrating it along
    I lose something
    something dear to me
    sorrow in my heart
    I look around 
    You are there
    closer than normal
    holding me
    sharing my sorrow
    I am down for count
    facing defeat
    pain in bones
    I look around
    You are there
    healing my wounds
    As I wonder
    if I were 
    in your shoes
    would I have stayed
    you are still there
    holding my hand
    tapping my head
    comforting me to sleep
    for now
    and I know
    in my heart
    You will be there
    besides me
    as I dream on........ 

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010


    The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, or more simply Hamlet, is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1599 and 1601. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet ; but little would have Shakespeare ever imagined, that his play's name would be so famous in India, and would turn and cry in his grave, if he could!

    While driving out of this college gates, a watchman stops you and asks: "Hamlet kahan hai?" (Where is the Hamlet?) This Hamlet; called Helmet in pure English, is a big issue in Pune, where maximum number of two-wheelers are driven! Most do not like to use it, for aesthetic reasons.

    These Aesthetic reasons are quite a few to list; still here are some of them:
    1. Air does not gush through the hair, if you wear Helmet! Free flowing hair in wind, that rushes past you, an awesome feeling, and the real thrill of speed can only be experienced on bike. After all, this free flowing polluted air, having lead from exhaust does not only rush past hair, it also ensure that humans progress in evolution by losing unnecessary facial hair and we welcome the most progressed and intellectual bald heads.
    2. Vision is not clear! After all Helmets are only designed for 20-20 vision, not more than that. This limitation on vision often leads to missing an important pair of beautiful legs walking on the side of road!
    3. One protester says: "I bought this cool Yamaha FZ-16 at such a high price, so as to get girls attention and also zip through the city! This Helmet thing is so uncool! Out of fashion! "Yes, a gear that you have to wear, which will conceal your face while riding a thing that was bought only to show-off, kills the motive all together!
    4. I wear Pagdi; so not applicable to me says 1 Sikh boy, a valid reason, Pagdi is thicker than Helmet! When his companion is asked same question, she replies: "I am also a Sikh!"
    5. "Helmet cutters are not available, in case head gets hurt, Doctors would not even get chance to save you!" But, if it were not for that Helmet, they would not make it to Hospital in first place.
    And then there is this other class of people who adore Hamlet so much, that they could watch anything that sounds like Hamlet, I mean anything; even Hamlet. They have their reasons too, and politicians support them whole heartedly, the list is as follows.
    1. "This hamlet, is our perfect accomplice in our work, be it chain snatching, eve-teasing, robbery, etc. all are done very easily, none get to see our face, and Hamlet does not reveal truths." On this an India Live Tv reporter asked a question: "Would police not catch you by your vehicle number?" The representative from gang: "Did I not mention robbery? And also, as my face would not be visible, I can slip through the law for lack of evidence."
    2. While conducting riots for one or the other leader, it becomes easy to avoid fatal blows! This makes it clear why politicians root for helmets all the time.
    In end I wonder when will hamlet take it's rightful place, and when will Helmet be called Helmet and would be worn for one reason for which it is made.