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Thursday, October 28, 2010


One morning I wake up for sun is shining in my room, and that's no reason for me to get up, I should have just be asleep for an hour more. I was not going to be missing any deadline, still I decided to get up and get going, unlike my character; it was that kind of weird day. 

I was on my bike and off in no time, a good 30 minutes early than being 10 minutes late as normal and first hurdle comes by. As soon as I am outside the society gate 2 small girls wanting to go to school, but not allowed to, I guess, they had boys uniform on, belonging to brother or given by someone, but had no bags. Just about manage not to hit them. Well don't get me wrong here, I was just coming out of gate and they were running amok on the Mumbai-Bangalore by-pass highway! Still a narrow escape!

Two minutes ahead, and I come across a turn, which would allow me to get to other side of road, turn left, right, go under the highway, left and join the highway, drive straight to destination. Easy! Routine, but I was early. 

A woman with two kids.....

Woman: "Walk or I will spank you, school is not far!"

Boys: "I don't wana go! Why don't you send sisters, if it is really good?"

Woman pulling them ahead, and them wanting to turn around, pulling her back. Two steps forward and one back, 2 forward, 1 back and suddenly 1 forward and 2 back. And a truck decides to show up from opposite direction. Woman and kids argue, pulling each other on other side, and bang they stop right in middle of where I am heading, covering all of my side of road, and truck the other half. I break, truck screeches and I hit gravel. Only one thought in my mind.

"Why the hell she had to stop in middle of road, on last turn to highway, and why the fuck that truck is coming my way!"

When I come to a stop, my bike is making love to that fat truck, the woman and kids are still arguing, while saying sorry to me, truck driver is running away in fields. I get up, look at my hand, and feel a bruise on my leg, thumb is swelling up, and the woman asks her sons to have some water and stop crying. 

That flips my head, I shout at her, and to truck driver "I am not going to die you idiot! Get back here." After all he is blocking whole way now. I pick up my bike, check if it is working and I am off to office. 

Work, could not be put off, so after full day I was coming back home when the woman and her four kids along with husband at my societies gate. Though i have had it, she has brought her husband for shouting at her, and prepared for worst.

Woman: "Thank you for asking my girls to get back at home and saving their lives, and sorry for causing that accident of yours."

I was surprised! I had missed those girls by small space and had told them to go near their father/mother. that's all, how had I saved their lives!

And there it was, remains of 2 mangled cars, at the spot where girls were, horrible accident, one of the car's tyre had burst and crossed over the divider to hit another, and roll over to the service road, five minutes more and I would have been under!

 I vow to never get out of bed early again. Period.

One thing worse than committing a mistake; is being a victim of an accident that one did not commit. 


Anonymous said...

Fabulous :) Loved it!!

Agnivo said...

brilliant.i want to make a film on this.please

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! pinksocks :)

Aditya Nandode said...

LoL! U have my permission @Aagan! Just give me credit.

Unknown said...

glad you are safe....how would happen to ane's story ...kidding....seriously sometimes being at the right place at the wrong time can be disastrous. phew....

Aditya Nandode said...

@songsnwords Oh ya! It can be disastrous!

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