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Saturday, October 2, 2010


"My life is made of Mistakes, hope it did not begin as one and certainly do not want it to end as one."

However, that would explain a lot of things, would it not, as being mistakenly send to earth, gods big mistakes, tries to cover it up with all his might, but we are just fine bolts in a perfectly running machine which gives perfect reason for non mistakes to laugh out at, yell at, and get frustrated at. 

If life had never changed in its course and had we never grown up, we would never have anything to look back too, and nothing to analyze and say "Those were the best days of my life" or "That was a big mistake!" Even though we have moved on, life has its ways of giving us those chances to reflect on the past, I just had one such chance. Few days back I moved my place of residence and my mom has asked me to let go of some old possessions, and I started that process, and came across some interesting stuff. 

As a child I wrote some relevant things on first page of note books, on one I did not write anything, my class test book, it had only one test. I had scored 0 out of 20, but I distinctly remembered appearing for more than 1! So where are the rest?

And there they were in second test book for the same subject, guess I never showed the 1st one to mom. Second one is no better in marks department, but then I do remember my teacher smiling at me each time she handed the book to me. She must have taken the words on 1st page seriously. They were: "Life-it ain't easy, it's tough, so what's you gota do is keep a smile on your face, make world a better place to live." That did not make my world any better; I never passed her class test. I guess that's why I wrote the following on last page of book.

Instant formula of success
Boil water in iron vessel
Add 10 dry skin freckles
50 smoking sherikens
10 nails of gecko
10 dead fat bat wings
100 year old blooming lotus

I have no idea what I was reading or watching, that inspired me to consider above remedy, but then it also has not worked, may be the ingredients are too rare.

I also made a secret diary, and wrote only one thing, and that to on it's cover, "Secret Diary" well it was not that simple to open, whoever opened it, would not be able to close it, but then that would not serve the purpose of keeping things secret.

Various doodles of cars and other things made me think, whether I would have been a better designer than an engineer, well unanswerable question now.

And one more fine quote, on music class not book 
"Human aspirations are Infinite Horizons; one can attain them through music."
"Human Aspirations are Infinite Horizons, which can never be attained."
for maths book, which were modified to
"Human Aspirations are Infinite Horizons; one can reach through Hard-work, Determination and dedication"
by the maths teacher, as a lesson for me. 

And then there was my 1st poem, an assignment I had to do for English, it was an outcome of a mistake, I was not going to attempt poetry, but an article, however I forgot about that homework, and last moment entry, I was able to jot down few lines which turned out okay! I scored better than I had though, she gave me 6 out of 10 and since then I have never stopped trying poetry.

I have realized one thing: You cannot design your life like a park, which has all the beautiful and fun things, and not a speck of litter. For, when you are busy designing that park, other forces are busy designing dark alleys, stinky gutters, random rubble, etc etc etc, after all, you are not the only architects. Then some people do say: Good fate/bad fate is a resultant of our sins in past life.  For them: You remain stupid, until you die, then you are not enlightened, but you are simply dead stupid. 

So if there were no mistakes, life would be plain boring old story of perfection. 


Aditya Nandode said...

This Post marks completion of one year of blogging and micro blogging of my life! WoW!

Agnivo said...

WOW! congrats.....its a very well written article! so articulate! :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Aagan! :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yes, mistakes makes us human, the more mistakes of life around us the better we feel about ourselves ;D good one....thinker with his cap on all the time...
P.S..were u trying to be a wizard making potions? genko, batwings..
your comments are very inspiring...thanks for taking time out of your busy day to view my (s)crap..
My story blog link is on my blog page...click "my stories" or else... http://www.achronicleofdreams.blogspot.com

By the way I kind of feel sad for your hero in AneStory... couldn't comment earlier, will do now... ciao

Aditya Nandode said...

Hi! Songsnwords Ty! :) I liked ur story bog, following it now! :)

soni said...

Wow Congrats!! Well penned :)

Aditya Nandode said...

ty! soni :)

Neha Mehta said...

wow .. nice one .. seems its coming directly from heart

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Neha, glad u liked both posts. :)

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