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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Raj was getting bored, rather was missing his girl friend, still in stage when he would miss her all the time, when she was not there. It was still early in love.

Out of nothing else could be done unless he hears her sweet voice, he calls her.

Triiiiiinnnnngggg Triiiiinnnnnnnggggg…….

She did not pick the 1st call up and Raj was just able to sit in his bed and hear all the 13 rings ring in vain.
Raj: “Why is she not picking up the damn phone?”

With greater resolve to get through this time, he calls her up again.

Triiiiiinnnnngggg Triiiiinnnnnnnggggg…….

Again 12 rings go by, and as the time nears for the 13th and the last ring, a drop of sweat dribbles down Raj’s forehead, he contemplates on giving up, and then with new found determination from depths of his love, for her, he wills the phone to be picked up.

And……..she picks up the phone, and …….keeps the receiver down on the side.

Raj is devastated.

Raj: “Helloo! Hellow!!!”

No answer.

Raj: “Helloo!!!”

Click…….phone goes to engage tone.

Raj: “She, my beloved Ritu; does not want to speak with me any more, she does not want to be with me any more, she is breaking up! She is dumping me! Why! Why does this happens only with me? Only me!”

No, she is not that kind of girl, Ritu is not like Ritika, she is not the kind of girl who would leave me. Is she? One more time….I will try calling her 1 more time.

Engage tone.

Raj is devastated, storms out of the room and as is not able to think clearly, as always turns to his best friend to drown out all sorrow. He makes it for the strongest beer available near his place. And sooner than ever he is down for the count, his senses have gone.

Raj: “What am I supposed to do! My life is over, I can not live without her! It’s all Rahul’s fault, he offered her chocolate, din’t he! So she has fallen for him! I should have beaten him up, before, but its not that late now! Rahul get ready, I am coming.”

Stumbles out of his seat, and somehow reaches the society where Rahul stays.

Raj: Shouts at top of his voice “Rahul! You f**king d**k! Come out, I am going to hit you!”

Rahul the hot headed macho man comes out and one punch does it, Raj is cold out for hours, transported back to his room by his friends, who are quite puzzled by his behaviour.

After about 3 or 4 hours, in middle of night, Raj wakes up with a head ache, partly due to hang over and partly due to punch to head. And as he tries to make sense of it all, some part of the night comes back to him.

Raj: “Why am I alive? I should be dead! I can not live without Ritu and neither can I fight for her! I should be dead! It is time to end this misery!”

Raj stands in his gallery, looking over the night lights of his city, and remembers one of his Sir’s words

“Life can look ironically beautiful when you are at the end of it.”

And decides to make one last call, call to his Sir.

In middle of night, rather approaching dawn, phone is picked up in 1st ring.

Sir: “Is this the time to call! Are you in right sense of your mind? By the way, who are you?”

Raj: “I am Raj, Sir. And I am committing suicide.”

Sir: “Why?” So he is really not in right sense of his mind.

Raj: “Ritu has dumped me, she is not picking up my calls, I can’t live without her.”

Sir: “Hmmm….. I Will try and talk to her, put your suicide on hold till I call you back. Is it ok?”

Raj: Like a person who has given up hope. “Ok.”

Sir thinks for a minute and calls up Raj’s friend, and directs him to check on Raj, and do anything that is possible to get him to safety.

Next call to Ritu…


The call is picked up even before the 1st ring has completed 1/4th of its normal duration.

Ritu: “Hi Raj, My parents are here could not talk to you in evening, cant meet you tomorrow, please bear with me.”

Sir: “Ritu; I am not Raj, but that fool is going to commit suicide right now, thinking you have dumped him. Please call him.”

Ritu: “Sir; Sorry Sir!”

Sir: “Will you be able to call him?”

Ritu: “I am not sure!”

Sir: “Ok.”

1st thing Ritu does is calls Raj up, and tells him….

Ritu: “I am not dumping you, I love you, my parents are here, talk to Sir.”

Then sir’s call comes in.

Sir: “Raj; did you get Ritu’s call?”

Raj: “Yes, sir! Sorry Sir!”

Sir: “Did you understand what happened?”

Raj: “No Sir, but Ritu loves me!”

Sir: So fool stopped listening after the love part! Sigh! “Ok! That is good, but listen carefully now, are you there?”

Raj: “Yes Sir!”

Sir: “Ritu’s parents are here, they are staying with her, so no call’s or meeting her till few days. Ok? Did you understand?”

Raj: “Yes Sir!”

Sir: “What did I say?”

Raj: “No calling Ritu, no meeting her, till her parents go.”

Sir: Phew! “Ok! Now give phone to Rahul.”

Raj gives phone to Rahul.

Rahul: “Yes Sir?”

Sir: “Stay with the fool, in-case he tries anything foolish, like climbing her compound gate.”

Rahul: “Yes Sir.”

Raj is finally asleep, with an unproductive day added to his long list of unproductive days.

Moral: Do not assume situation you are in, based on your past experience alone.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


He was a Hero;

of this era;

I would have liked to be;


He always said;

be yourself

follow your heart!

He brought life

to his


Took it to highs!

Only to be


From him

He kept on fighting;

never ever

did he gave up!

Springed back!


When ever

His critics;

His enemies;

wrote him off!

For he had;





To keep going!

Without him;

his dream stumbled;

Without his dream;

he stumbled;


they were united;

To Take on the world!

To change the world!

To live behind;

a legacy!


In its time.

Disowned at birth;

loved by billions in life;

February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011.

Steve Jobs & his Apple.

I have hated Apple company for evicting Steve in first place, and when he got back I have not liked it’s product for putting a price tag on all the things other than the instrument it self. But still, Steve & his Apple did shape the tech world and its path from Windows to Android, all followed what Steve’s vision! In end, it looked liked he knew long back, that it was his time, handing over reins of his dream, in real sense was hint enough. Salute to him.   

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Crush!

Sweet nothings,
sweet pains!
When there is nothing,
just some warmth
in Heart,
eyes fall on
someone who seems
Apart from others,
a part of you
who brings
unknown smile
to your face!
Just a look
is enough
to make your day!
Unfazed you stay
then whatever may come by!
That face
keeps you going
for no reason why?
It is just
a little crush
nothing else
that is all it takes
to make you smile
these days!
At first
it is by chance
you get to see
that face
but slowly
you start timing
your trips
not missing
a single chance
may come by!
Why should you?
If it makes you
as happy as
a Butterfly!
It is
just a little
Just Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments I should have had…….

Everyone falls in love some or the other time and everyone has some notions about what would they do in a certain situation, when they are with someone special. I too had my notions about certain situations, and as most know I had a love marriage, some came true and some dint; no regrets, but given a chance to go back, I would like to include them in my life experiences, some such situations, and why they did not get fulfilled are:

1. The girl I secretly love rests her head on my shoulder and sleeps while travelling in a bus, and in order to not wake her up, I travel to the end of line along with her and then we end up spending whole day together, while missing few lectures.

I started using bike for daily travel in 8th standard, almost never travelled by bus there after!

2. Hide that we love each other from our friends for few days and make up stories to avoid going out with group and getting lost together, more often than tolerable by group, as a result, arousing suspicions among group members.

My group knew before us, that we were in love!

3. Kissing on a railway platform!

Not possible, it is India dude! You may get booked on even if you are married,for you hugged your woman little longer than a natural wink, let alone girlfriend.

4. Spending a night outside in wilderness, just counting stars, and talking, no sleep.

I went to Dang district in Gujarat to fulfil this dream, twice and ended up sick both times, putting an end to my love for camping; also they separated girls tent area from boys, no chance to sneak out.

5. Getting drenched in rain and using fire to dry both of us in a cave….etc.

It is hard to find cave in city, besides I have sinusitis which catches on pretty fast if I get drenched.

6. Playing a lead role in a romantic drama and making the lead actress fall in love with me.

I auditioned, they selected me to carry props from dressing room to stage and back.

7. Run away with my love interest.

Our parents agreed without much protest.

8. To propose her at some exotic place, where no one else is there except for the splendid beauty of mother nature.

I never proposed! Till I was already married that is.

9. To waltz my way to her heart. That is, dance!

I have two left feet, an immovable / inflexible waist and no sense of rhythm. Plus, it would not have been a surprise if I had taken her for the dance class, and I did not find any other partners.

10. To have bed of flower in a garden and play in it.

Jetendra Movies are known to exaggerate, such things are expensive and may contain ants, so not meant for sleeping!

You too must have had a similar list, or may still have, if feel like, do share below!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Agar kabhi hogi meri koi beti…….

Agar kabhi hogi meri
koi beti
sar par chada rakhunga
use mein har ghadi
phir kuch bhi kahe
uski maa bhi
nahi sunuga mein kisi ki
padh waunga use
banegi wo
jo chahe
uska dil bhi
hogi uski
ho sake mujhse
jo khwaish
har so khwaish
phir kyun na ho
uske pyar se uski shadi
Mere dar par
jo aaenge kabhi barathi
utarvaunga unki aarti
jhut jo bole toh
Dando se padhwaunga Pharsi
karvaunga unse
apne haatho ki safai
Mere dar par
jo aaenge abhi barati
Dunga sona-chandi
beti na hogi meri
kabhi parayi
par jo manga dahej
muh hoga unka
Kaala neela peela
Hathkadio se karaunga
jaan-pehchaan unki
Mere dar par
jo aaenge kabhi barati
muskan se rahe
meri rajkumari
chaunga mein hamesha yehi
par jo kharoch lagvay use koi
toh karva dunga
hadi-pasli ek unki
Agar hogi jo
meri beti kabhi
toh na hogi
wo lachar kabhi
apne pairon pe khade raheneki
hogi usme shamta bhari
par na hogi wo
akeli kabhi
Agar hogi jo
meri beti kabhi……

Monday, July 25, 2011

No second chance at life……

Disclaimer: To start with let me make this clear, this is not where you will be able to download the movie for free, not even songs, still interested you can read on.

When title of the movie says “Zindagi Na Melegi Doobara….” which means “You won’t get second chance at life….” one expects movie to be motivational, talk about living life to the fullest, and getting over your fears, all good! It checks out on all points! So here is what I learned from this movie…some I correlated with my experiences.

1.         Do not buy a present for your fiancĂ© on first day of the trip, especially if it can be seen by others labelling you or your friend gay, when you are not so, plus it might get damaged.

2.         If you want to sleep under open sky and watch stars, make sure it is not going to be cloudy (mildly disappointing), rain (disappointing), snow (little health concern) or hail (fatal) that night.

3.          Sleeping under the sky is enjoyable, but at end of it don’t be surprised if you have red stars on your body as many as the sky, from the ants you did not see and mosquitos that dint make noise.

4.           Don’t say things in jest, one of your fiend might do that for you. Like throw away someone’s handset.

5.         Always try things / thoughts out, even if you want to get in bath with that stranger whom you were just introduced to, do knock, it might just happen.

6.          Use good handset, no pink/orange or some other flashy colour like pink (I on't like pink colored gadgets) if you want to look professional (Don’t want to be laughed upon by your interest).

7.           Tomato ketchup must have been made, Tomatina festival way, hoping to create tomato wine, instead got tomato ketchup.


8.             Don’t say yes when you do not really mean it, you might end up running in front of charging bulls.

9.           It says “You don’t get second chance at life” still you can throw, drown, or crush your life, as long as you enjoy it.

10.           When you try to change someone, you might end up losing that someone, this is not always true.
11.       To enjoy life, last but most important, you need friends that will follow you into your death defying adventures.

There are more interesting take homes from this movie, but @vikaspgoel beat me to watch this movie and also blog about it, here is his blog page: http://vgoel.blogspot.com/2011/07/zindagi-na-milegi-dobara.html

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why you flew to the moon?

Why you flew to the moon?
leaving me all alone
I can’t decide
at these cross roads of life
on these crowded streets
no hand to hold on to
Why you flew to the moon?
not taking me along
I have tears in my eyes
no one there to wipe them out
on these rainy nights
I can’t see you among stars
Why you flew to the moon?
snapping my dreams
in a flash of light
darkness wins
my heart succumbs to fears
forgotten in your arms
Why you flew to the moon?
with cradle at my arm
I can’t fend for myself
who is there?
to protect me
when shadows lurk in dark
Why you flew to the moon?
death could have waited
a bit longer
you dint fight
was I not reason enough?
to live on
Why you flew to the moon?
the child is
still unnamed
who will hold it’s finger?
What shall I tell?
What star shall I point to?
Why you flew to the moon?
I have questions
you left unanswered
what was the hurry?
We had no enemies!
Why you flew to the moon?
We were to
grow old together
I used to love that sound
why did it stop beating?
my ear on your heart
Why you flew to the moon?
What did go wrong?
You were to come back
at end of day
like every other day
by sunset
Why you flew to the moon?
Why is there no sunrise again?
where is my fairy-tale?
Where is my
"And they
lived happily ever after?"
Why an abrupt end?
Why you flew to the moon?
I used to hear your
foot steps
now all I hear
are memories
replaying themselves
Why you flew to the moon?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

An inkling!

It started as an inkling
not even a feeling
caught me in the moment
I lost control
I lost my heart
was it meant to be
just a flitting
flutter off beat
It started as an inkling
not really a feeling
at the corner of my eye
for a feeble second
I couldn’t say bye
It started as an inkling
not a feeling
it grew
had to turn back
retrace my steps
to you
couldn't ignore
not then
itched in memory
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
step by step
moment by moment
weakness of heart
strength of string
between rings
a lot like love
nothing more than friends
she said
and never said no
a kiss
that sealed
was not a deal
was not a flitting moment
was not a light need
no desperation
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
it started as an inkling
grew into a feeling
love finally
just not another love story

Monday, June 20, 2011


The boy loves girl, girl loves boy, parents disagree, so they elope and live happily ever after! And while they elope, the couples have no tension whatsoever! Here are some points that get dropped from the real to reel scripts.
It takes courage to elope, and once you do you can not go back, this goes double for girls in India.
Some parents may even consider killing the couple up, to save the “Honour” of the family, in process becoming murderers, and how that is honourable is a big question for me.
However, once you have decided to elope, thinking it would be fun to do so, there are few points you should keep in mind, else you will be left very dissatisfied with the adventure.
Check your age.
There is no use in eloping, even if one of you is underage, for you won’t be able to marry anyway, till you attend the maturity age, which is 18 for Girls and 21 for boys.
Be familiar with law.
The better you know register marriage law, better are your chances of planning your steps, there are different laws for different types of marriages, inter-caste, inter-religion, and even for different religions (where bride and groom are of same religion).
Plan your exit from the city.
Where do you think it would be safe for you to go, how much time will you have on your hand before complain is filled with police, and how are you going to travel.
Don’t use your current vehicle.
If using a bike/car as a gate away vehicle, you will be easily traced and caught by your number plate, same goes for your best friends vehicle. Easy way out, selloff your current bike, that will lead police on a wild goose chase, while you buy a second hand bike, with all papers, owners signature et all, but don’t transfer it on your name immediately.
Use cash, and have cash.
Don’t even think of using plastic money, use cash and only cash, even though you are using cash, police will still know how much cash you are carrying, if you have only one source. So its better to pool your resources, let your friends use your credit card and debit card while you take cash from them. A large debit from your own account can arouse suspicion, so manage using alternate means. Also if your friends go off to some place and use your card, it will lead police to that place, which can serve as a warning to you.
Drop your smart phones, drop your old sim cards.
Get new numbers, not on your own name for both and new phones, no frill phones. Stay off the social networking sites, do not even login into your email accounts, drop of the radar, the modern underground.
Don’t stay anywhere more than 24 hours.
You can stay with your friends from other cities, or people you know, but not for long, don’t let people other than your friends get to know more about you.
Don’t leave a trail.
After, changing vehicle, handsets, not logging in, not showing your face to many people, still word of mouth trail can be caught by tracers. Don’t tell your host, where will you be heading next. The easiest way of doing this is not knowing where you will be going next, yourself.
Witness to testify for the knot.
Witness, of marriageable age should be ready to sign on the registration, and you have to consider their safety too.
First & Last but not the least, be sure you both want to elope.
There should not be a change of mind, of any of the two, and marriage should be the aim for both, for in case anyone backs out the other is left high and dry to be hanged. Girl will have no place to go, while boy will be in jail for abducting a girl and trying to force her to marry her, along with witness, plus a caution for witnesses, if the girl breaks up her marriage with the boy by saying she was forced too, even after some months, the law will put you in jail too as co-conspirators. So it is important that witness also be sure that pair are perfect for each other.
Have a plan.
Have a plan, or a source of income in the new adopted home city, to start a family, be ready for a worse case scenario, that is, you may never be able to go back.
And last point for the witness, pray they live happily ever after.
PS: The author is co-conspirator of 2 eloped marriages, and had planed his own, but fortunately didn’t had to elope, and now every morning prays the other 2 couple live happily ever after.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Running Circles!

Running circles.....
Running in circles
all my life
never realized
my dream
was not 
there in the field
it was with you
I have been
running circles
around my life
around you
around me
I never stopped
I never realized
Where was?
my heart
What was? 
I searching
coming back 
to you
and moving on
never realized
the pain
you felt
the pain
I felt
running circles 
all my life
day after day
night after night
Was I ?
living or dead
blinded by
the glitter of fame
In this palace
of material dreams
I have everything
still lonely
I am
without you
running circles
running in circles 
all my life
turning again
this to be 
the last one
may this be a spiral!
bringing us
for forever!
Running Circles! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Night life: Mumbai!

When you start your day, most people do not expect anything different from what they have been doing for years, months or at least days, such is routine. Why change things up, when everything is working fine and you are happy to live the way you do? Unless, the change is definitely going to be for the better, like a pay rise, a promotion etc, one may never hug a situation that brings about change. Be it professional life, moving to a new city, changing jobs, or getting married, history can easily prove me right. 

And now I am part of such change, for last few months, got married, changed jobs, moved to new city and now I am looking for a new place that I can call home. Home is where Heart is, and there should be at least 1 loved one be it a friend then, to meet after days work and cool your head, get rid off that stress, may be by a can of beer, a stroll on near by street, or a good movie. Each one, his/her own thing.

Living with one of my best friend, and watching Mumbai's night life on weekends has become high light of my stay here. Juhu PVR is my chill out place now and Novotel, even later in night. Till I came here, I had seen celebrities perform on screen or on stage, but never as normal people walking, having fun time with friends and watching a movie.

So till now the list of people I have seen are:


Tushar Kapoor (I did not identify him, for he looked too fare, compared to his screen image.)

Arunoday Singh

Sameer (1 from Big Boss)

Various TV stars and few models too.

This apart, I overheard a conversation between 2 models, and....

Model1: (Unable to balance on pencil hills, while getting on escalator flicks her hair on gaining balance.) 

Model2: "Oh! WoW! Where did u get those hair extensions from? They are looking good!"

Model1: "X place" 
Yes! She shared her secret. But point is, she took that as a compliment and the other model was actually complementing her, and my 1st thought was, "This might get bitchy!" but it did not. 

I guess, different circles in society do react differently to certain questions.

P.S.: No, I did not click any pics, or get autographs, but few smiles and my friend got stunned by flawless skin of Anushka.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Mumbai Fables

Life can take you anywhere, and most times it tends to change course, when it is least expected. And past one month have had similar kind of experience, changing base to Mumbai. However, once something changes in your life, you should be ready to see some beliefs turn into myths, and get dispelled. 

Bombay is the financial capital of India, everyone here talks about money, get into a local and you will find people discussing monetary transactions. And thats a fact, people here would know everything about money. However; on first day, I missed 2 locals trains, for the shear number of people getting in and out of them in mere seconds overwhelmed me, at peak hours. So I chose to take taxi.

I get into a Sardarji's taxi, after all they are said to be most honest, he takes me to my destination ( Dadar to Worli ) and charges INR 130, I complete my work, take another taxi to get back to Dadar and this time it is not a Sardarji, and he charges me INR 90, same route. Next day I drop the idea of using local train and end up on taxi again. This time it is another Sardarji, much older one though, we use same route and he charges INR 60. I cant make this stuff up! I was totally taken, for a ride, that is.

From next day I was able to catch those locals trains, without fail.

Next day I went sight seeing, BSE, Fort, RBI buildings, Fountain and all. After all I am a Finance guy, and then I visit a friend in Andheri, take an auto to his place, on way to airport, fare is normal, INR 10, so I take out a 10 Rupee coin and give it to him, and this is what I get a reply as:

"Sahab, ye rang berangi sikke yahan nahi chalte, ye India hai Amrica ya Europe nahi!" 

"Sir, this is India, such colorful coins are not legal tender here, this is not Europe or USA!" 

I have no other option, but to get my hundred rupee note changed! So Mumbai has not warmed up to new 10  Rupee coin as yet. And I had just admired RBI building!

I was looking for a place to live and I get many offers, some as low as 2,500 Rupees a month but what puts them under not affordable category, was the deposit they asked, anywhere between INR 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh! 

And then it was time to start working and hence a schedule began for me, I started taking same local, same times, and started seeing same people, most times. And soon realized how we Indians start trusting people, only because we see them again and again, and are so intrusive! One week and fellow commuters started asking me name, where I work, who is there in my family, and before that telling me things about themselves.

And some how, having me in there, with them made them nostalgic, like for how many years they have been commuting between these stations and how long they have known each other and how was there 1st job, 1st day. Man! I never felt so young, since being a baby! And this one is not even my 1st job! 

And then it struck me, seating at CST looking at a police Labrador retriever, keeping a silent watch, as if he is not surrounded by hordes of people; these must have been the guys who had witnessed Kasab, who must have lost someone or must have experienced, or must have seen a bomb go off on one off these local train. And still none of them, seemed to be afraid, remembering all the happy times, talking about 20-25 years since they have been catching the same local, not a mention of any sad history, just happy moments. So there really is a Spirit of Mumbai!

I had no idea Mumbai was so hot, literally, no I am not speaking of glamor, well I would say, I got to see more mini-skirts in Pune than in Mumbai, but amount of money I spend on buying liquids to drink-lassi, chass, cold drinks, sugar cane juice! And what not; easily amounted to 3 or 4 times the amount I spent in travelling! Humid, it was always, but hot! 

Then it happened to be the week of world cup, company allowing commentary on AIR, on floor, and we were upto minute of what was happening in the match, dint miss a ball, till we were working. also walking from station to work, I started seeing aliens, more an more of them, most Australians, speaking of being optimistic, bad case, is it not! Well, they atleast got to suck in Indian culture, local trains were a huge attraction, and so was old British buildings, and  Taxi rides! Well they were taking pictures with Taxi.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Few drops
perched on window pane
The sky
dressed in grey gloom
at it's best
slow rain
kissing Earth
on it's own grave
As if
Death was 
the way of day
life was never
than today
Streaks of light
flashing brilliantly
Evil Arches
the thunder
the last bits of
The fall
was eminent
the fall came
and was over
Swept away
that mattered
not mattered
had no value
had no value
swept away
before a life
could make 
a choice
It was over
Over in moments

Nature does not give chances when it wants to show case it's strength, with in moments  it can change the whole scenario. Japan has had it's share of calamities, and one more in list, but still it remains helpless, people are helpless, let alone other creatures, in front of Nature, it is not matter of fighting back but living on.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Concussion.

It was still raining outside, he had lost considerable amount of time already. He remembered the days when he considered rainy days as happy days, god showering his love over earth, not any more, not today, it was like what most poets thought, "Sky is Crying with him." Siting there, alone he looked up to the desk, and memory of his own office desk flashed through his mind, it is similar, mine is cleaner but lot bigger. He so much wished this day had not started at all, and wanted to be in his office in Air-Conditioned bliss, which he would have dreaded any other day.

A file reached the desk, Sanjeev looked up from his sitting position, Inspector gave him a glance. It must be his file, thought Sanjeev. And a sharp pain went up his spine through his head, why! What had happened? Thinking was not what he should be doing now. Another image: His wife, so beautiful, no she is not his wife, not yet, and yes they are getting engaged, getting married, his promise to be with her, always. Not today, he should have been with her now, can not remember why but he should have been with her.

Inspector flips the first page of Sanjeev's file. Yes! She was pregnant, with their first child, there was another  child. A van? What trick is my head playing with me? Why am I not in office? Was I on a trip? What's going on?

He asked it loud: "What is going on?" A momentary pause with deadening silence & "Where am I?"

Inspector finally broke the silence

Inspector: "You don't know what's going on!" Getting angry, and as he holds Sanjeev by his shirt, realizes that Sanjeev is drenched in his own blood, and not the rain. 

Sanjeev: "Blood? Why am I bleeding?" And he faints.

Inspector can't believe his eyes, calls for an Ambulance.

Opens eyes, he is in Ambulance, no I was following one, or was he, it looks as if I am in Ambulance, 

Sanjeev: "Why? How come?"

Nurse: "You had an accident, we are taking you to Hospital. Stay still, you need to relax."

Yes! He was driving fast, behind an Ambulance, but why? 

Nurse pierced Sanjeev's hand. Sanjeev sees blood running into his arm, yes he was bleeding before. No Neera was. She was in hospital, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, yes his daughter, their daughter. He was so happy! 

Sanjeev: "Where is my daughter?"

Nurse has no answer, so she makes him sleep again.

Neera was going to be fine, she was supposed to come out any moment, his beautiful wife Neera, and something went wrong, Doctor was frantic, moving in and out of the operating room. Something had gone wrong, it had started to rain outside. it is still raining outside, he can see out of the window, he is in Hospital bed now, but he does not recognize the skyline. Where is he? 

Sanjeev: "Where am I? Which part of City?" He see's a nurse, vaguely remembers her giving him an injection, half expects her to do the same. Flinches!

Nurse: "You are in Mumbai!"

Mumbai, city of dreams, yes! I was following an Ambulance, Neera's Ambulance, there were complications, a normal delivery and then something about 'vein got cut' and it was being difficult for the Doctor to stop the bleeding. Neera's life was in danger, he had talked with her parents, just few minutes back about both being well, baby and Neera and now he was calling again! Telling them frantically to start for Mumbai instead, she was critical, but why? What had changed?

Sanjeev: "Where is my wife? Is she here?"

Nurse: "Relax! Sleep!" As she changed the bottles for blood drip, flowing into his hand. 

Blood, lots of blood on the floor in operating room, Neera was bleeding, he had fainted, outside Doctor had said: "We need to take her to Mumbai!" And he had agreed, and he had followed the Ambulance at high speed, never letting it out of site, in rain, downpour that it was. He did not drive fast, but that day he did not check his speed, he followed Ambulance at whatever speed it was going at. Until!

Where had he woken up? He remembered a uniform, an Inspector, where had Ambulance gone? Inspector? Or was it Nurse, who spoke something about accident. Inspector, he seems to be here! Is he?

Inspector: "How are you feeling now?"

Sanjeev: "What has happened? Why am I here? Where is my daughter? Where is my wife?"

Inspector: "You had an accident! Your bike skid!"

Yes! They had reached Mumbai, and he was following the ambulance, when at a signal, after ambulance had passed a kid had run in, he had seen the kid, and braked, braked hard and skid. then he went blank. Kid was hurt, he saw the bike skid towards the kid, he had fallen off, what happened next? He had woken up in front of Inspector, he did not feel like he was hurt, he did not seemed to be hurt at all. But now he was in Hospital and his head hurt, hurt like hell!

Sanjeev: Holding his head. "How is the kid, is he okay?"

Inspector: "He is out of danger now, but bike had knocked him cold then. We rushed him first and then you to hospital. But we should have rushed you first."

Sanjeev: "That's good! Can you please tell me where my wife is, I was following Ambulance, she needs me, we are from Pune, hope nothing happened to kid at all, and my daughter, she gave birth to her yesterday, she was critical." And he slipped into sleep, due to exhaustion.

Inspector took in all the information, to process it, Sanjeev was not what can be termed conscious, but it was a start. Sanjeev's wallet was missing, but he had found an i-d, but no one was picking up phone at his house, and now he knew why, and company was closed for the weekend, but tomorrow he will be able to make contact, or today if he gets more information about that Ambulance, but something else had to be searched too.

Sanjeev's memory had returned completely, except he still did not remember where his daughter was, now he was not dazed, but he still did not have an answer for where his wife was? How was she?

Inspector walked in, and a calm smile on his face gave Sanjeev some solace. 

Inspector: "Your wife is here, in this very hospital, and doing fine, the blood you received was in fact given by your mother in-law." Who just walked in behind the Inspector. "And more good news for you, the kid is absolutely fine, and actually you did not cause the accident, you were pushed from behind by a Van, and we have caught the real culprit."

Sanjeev: "Really! How did you come to know?"

Inspector: "A witness came in yesterday and explained it all, he had taken down the number and gave it to us. He was on his way to give interview in your company, so he delayed the reporting. He also explained how you were the hero who tried to stop bike from going on to hit the boy, but failed in vain."

Sanjeev: The last question. "Where is my daughter?"

Sanjeev was able to walk and so he went to see his wife and there besides his wife slept their daughter. He felt like getting back everything from the brink of having lost everything.

A good deed, even an effort to do good, never goes unpaid for, the witness though did not get job in Sanjeev's company, he did get a strong recommendation in his next interview and made it.

And all lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Manchali ki kahani

Yeh bhi ek kahani hain
chand taro ne bhi suni hain
waise yeh barso purani hain
raja ki kai raniya hain
par ek badi manchali hain
uski baat hi kuch nirali hain
aankhon main ek sachchai hain
bato main sadhgi hain
wo kahan koi rajumari thi
uski duniya badi aam thi
jangaloan main pali badhi thi
use wahan na koi kami khali thi
mahelon main wo raja bina akeli thi
raja ne use dil se jita tha
uske liye toh wo khansama tha
kai aam mainse ek tha
apni roji-roti kamata tha
use raja ke dhan se na koi vasta tha
bus thode pyar ki icha thi
woh bhi puri ho jaati thi
kissa yeh toh purana hai
raja ki kai raniya hai
par ek rani badi jalti thi
woh thodi purani thi
manchali ki batoon pe bighdti thi
apne kuvar ke haq ke liye darti thi
apne bete ke liye rajniti karti thi
manchali bholi kuchna samjh ti thi
raja ko ab intezar tha
ek nayi rajkumari ya rajkumar aane ko tha
jalkudi ne bus pheri nai chal
sikha diye bete ko bol
manchali ke pet main hain
tere sukh ka chor
suun manchali hui behaal
socha usne
tatola usne
manchali thi gumsum
khoi khoi
janme do rajkuar
khushi loti thodi uske muskan par
par na meeti un shabdo ki awaz
usne nischit kiya
wo tolegi raja ka mann
pehen ke aai wo aadivasi vesh
aakhir kaisi sharm apne desh
bhare darbar
raja sharmaya
rani badlo vesh
ab aap ho maharani
manchali ne pucha
kon hain uttaradhikari
kya mera putr banega raja
raja hichkichaya par mana
manchali ne pher diye paase
main na maharani
na mere putr hain rajkuvar
main jungloan ki
mere putr jangl ke vasi
na wo chor
na koi shor
hame toh pyari hamari aazadi hain
hame swikar nahi yeh chaar diwari
waise toh raja ke kai raniya thi
par wo uske dil ki rani thi
par uska dil toh khansamene jeeta tha
na ki kisi rajane
raja bhula hakikat
gavaya pyar
woh phir na loti
raja phir na hasa
yeh toh ek kahani hain
badi purani hain
chand taro ne bhi suni hain

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strange Encounter!

Morning was not such a welcome time of the day for him, still he was quite early riser for a person who never worked days and never would have. And had one interesting habit, every morning he would search for the nearest wall, where ever he had fallen asleep last night, to release the pressure and read what was written on the wall. And those words some how made some sense to him, in a twisted way.

Today it was: "Yahan thukna mana hai!" (Do not spit.) he read it out loud.

A voice from behind: "Oye! Yeh kya kar raha hai! Yahan ye sabh mana hai!" (What are you doing, this is not allowed here.) 

He: "Yahan thukna mana hai, mutna thodi na!" (It says not to spit, not not to pee.) 

That was a cop, and hence our Mr street smartypants is a jail bird for the day.

No! This was not a setback but rather an opportunity, if he could tick the cops some more, his dinner would also be ensured. Since 25 years of existence he had never paid for a grain of food, being orphan meant not taking care of anyone and hence from the start of the day to end of it, all the living meant was to get some food. 

No! He is no beggar, would not even dream of being one, half a thief, stole only clothes and hearts for a day, lavish clothes, resulted in lavish food and lavish company, or just food. None could forget him, he was such a charmer, but he never made promises, so never have had to keep a date with any. Every day was not rosy, someday's lavish food came from the garbage of a restaurant of repute. A care free man or just an intelligent scum dog.

He was well aware of happenings in country and what so called elites joked about. If he wanted, he could put on a hell of a show.

He:" Gand main dum nahi saalo ke, isliye raste pe mutne walon ko pakd late hai, aur desh pe mutne waloon ke juthe saaf karte hain! Hijde!" (Don't have strength to take corrupt politicians, whose shoes you clean, and to showcase a filled file, arrest poor's peeing on streets.) To the cop at desk.

Cop: "Arey isko aaj raat yahin rakhna, bohot charbi chadhi hain, utarni padegi."(Keep him for the night, he needs to lose some fat.) and he got what he wanted.

The next moment was interesting, it had not come as yet but arrived on time. A honest cop walk's in dragging the current well connected don, with barely identifiable features and hairstyle that hide most of identifiable face. He is put in same cell as our smartypants-Johny.

Johny: "Kya kia, konse gali main dhaar mari?" (What did you do? Where were you peeing?) to Don.

Don just looked at him with disdain thinking this punk might not know, with whom he is trying to be friendly and just kept on looking, astonished. And starts touching Johny's face, nose, eyes, ears....

Johny: "Hey! Hat be, cross hai kya? Tu seedha nahi lagta." (Stop touching, you don't seem to be straight.)

Don: "Shhhhh" With angry look.

Johny decides to keep his distance, for safety.

The honest cop leaves and the scrubbed Don turns into a VIP, awesome lunch is ordered, clean warm water is given for cleaning up, and Johny is made to sit next to him for Don says so.

Johny thinks of his stars and how seriously wrong turn they were taking on him at a very wrong time. He was practically being packed up like that roasted Pig with a red Apple in it's mouth, that is me he said to himself. And then he remembered a wise saying, the other night, the woman in seductive black dress, having wine had said : "Har kutte ka din aata hain, par har din ka ek kutta bhi hota hain." (Every dog has his day, and then every day has it's dog.)

Johny thought it out loud: "Aaj ke din ka kutta main hu!"(I am the dog of the day.)

Don did not say a word, but urged Johny to finish his food, quickly and, quickly he did. After that Don decided to clean up his face and hair style. And to stylist he pointed out Johny's face: "I want that look." And that look is what he got. It was Johny's turn to stare and touch now, the resemblance was uncanny. One could have easily replaced the other. 

Johny: "Mujhe yaad nahi, ki main kisi kumbh ke mele main bhichad gaya tha, par kya tu apna bhai hai kya?"(I do not recollect having a brother, are you?)

Next thing Johny could not understand what was going on, he was forced into changing into Don's clothes and Don into his. And switchover was complete. Don walked out in Johny's clothes that evening, as the honest cop walked in.

The stress lines on cops face made it pretty evident that he was under lot of pressure because of the last arrest, the Don's arrest and their was only one right thing to do, "Encounter". Though it was wrong, he was not willing to let go a criminal with so many murders against his name.

He got up, opened the cell, dragged Johny thinking him as Don and took of with him in his Jeep. And just drove it with such speed, that Johny thought the cop is trying to be part of an accident. His pleas about who he really is had fallen on deaf ears and the others who knew, had become part of it.

Waking up at wrong place on a wrong day can take you on your most dreaded journey. The honest cop stopped the Jeep and got a newspaper out,

Cop:  "Yeh dekho, apni chati chodi karke chappwai thi yeh tasvir akhbar main, ki koi policewala tujhe chu bhi nahi sakhta, abey, sare policewale chudiya nahi pahente, aaj tere din pure honge, kutte.(Look at this, this is your face, you got this published to boost about your power, that none of the cops could lay a hand on you, but I am not one of those sissy's. I am going to end it here, you dog.)"

Johny: "Main woh nahi hu jo aap mujhe samajh rahe hain!"(I am not who you think I am.)

Those word did not matter, cop got his gun pointed at back of Johny and made him walk deep into the forest,  in outskirts of city. And then at the edge of cliff, a girl in red dress having wine in one hand and a gun in other is seen. Cop makes Johny sit down, and he too hides. Cop recognizes her as an aide of Don while Johny as the seductive girl from that party, but she is not alone, and with them; none other than the Don himself. 

Cop moved all the three in one corner, their was no other person there. He was totally confused, there were 2 Don's now, hence one was telling the truth and other was not. There were all the ingredients of a mix-up in place. 

Johny started wailing: "Hey bhagwan! iss bar naiya par laga diyo, abke se kisi bhi dewar par pesab nahi karunga. Arey mutne ki bhi kya itni badi saza hoti hain." (Oh god! please save me, I promise i will never pee on any wall, the punishment for peeing can not be so big.)  

And as Johny said this, Don made his move and shot at cop, and cop in reflex action shot him. Don died, on the spot, leaving the girl & Johny alive, Cop survived. 

They sat down in the car and drove away, on way to Don's place Johny said "Aaj ke din ka kutta woh tha, par mera naam bhi kareeb tha."(Today's dog was Don, but my name was on  list too.)

At that moment girl became sure she had the right guy with her. With the help of Cop, Johny rounded of the whole gang and became a pure businessman and she his wife, and he kept his promise to god, used bathroom. Cop became their chief security officer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ripple Effect

Story 1.

The guy was having choclate chips ice cream, seating on a couch watching friends rerun, relaxed knowing he had done what needs to be done and news came in. He has just lost the job he was going to join tomorrow, a letter from company.

He just scampered to college, to principal's office and blurted out "Why has this happened with me?" lost that he was, letter had said: "As he does not meet the criteria for the placement in our company."

He was not sure what criteria had he failed, what had changed since last month, how was he qualified then and not now? "What has changed?" he asked to his sir. And they all looked preplexed as to what to say and how to console this ace of a student.

As he sat outside principles office, wondering what's going on, his friend came in....

Friend: "Dude, you just failed in final exam in ""Fundamentals of Management""

Guy: "What! You must be kidding!"

Friend: "I wish I was, but I am not, and something is wrong with the result, for I copied from you and have passed, but you have not!"

And he sat down, stunned. His world the way he knew it, just collapsed.

Story 2.

She was having time of her life! Everything was going her way, whatever she touched brought her happiness & wealth. She had never enjoyed life as now. She had made it in the world, she is successful now, and she did not need anything more.

A dream house, 2 lovely kids, a loving husband and a good job and company of her loving parents. Only problem, she never seemed to have enough time on her hands to enjoy this life as much as she would have loved to, but then who has?

Then one day, while she was working, she got a call. And she ran, as fast as she could, she wanted to be with him, her father, but she could not make it, it was too late. She could have given up anything to be with him again. All of that success did not matter now, not at all.

But it was not to be, she lost her smile, she lost her enthusiasm and she lost happiness.

Story 3.

He was driving to office, and there was goin to be a very important meeting, it was going to be make or break deal day, but traffic was proving unrelanting. Something was telling him, it was going to be a frustrating day.

And then there was an opening, and he jammed on the accelarator, and zoomed pass the traffic, scaring the hell out of an elderly.

"Hope! The elderly does not get a heart attack."

After suffering the loss of that client to company, the days of the young manager took a turn for worst, and it seemed none of the clients wanted to deal with him, for one reason or the other all seemed to be tailing the big client's tail. In frustration, he moved to inner work of company for sometime and came to technical support department for recruitment.

Just frustrated with his life, another file comes in front of the young manager, he gives one look at the result of aspiring managers who would be joining, and just gives a quick answer, after all it's not a good day at all.

"Drop all those who do not fit the citeria."

Story 4.

He is ready to take this company further up the lader of success and all he needs is a software, has shortlisted 2 candidates, and both are suitable, it is just the matter of who is the right one for them. The deal has been discussed well with first candidate and seems to fit the bill, but as is the case, it is matter of life and death, so checking up second firm is in the interest of company.

The traffic has already delayed the meeting, and then a guy zooms past them scaring the hell out of one of the elderly, who sadly dies due to a heart attack!

He tries to help save elderly's life but in vain. However, he does not make it to meeting and just decides to go with the first candidate.

Story 5.

The new and upcoming firm is in need of manforce, to serve the great quantity of new business it has been getting lately, and so visits the college of ace for recruitment, and selects him, for imediate joining.

It was not what he would have got if he had not failed that paper, but it was not bad at all, but the company promised of promoting them earlier than others, and there was no hook of getting new clients, just serving the existing ones.

Six months down the line, on an afterthought, he would not have been as happy if he would have joined that company.

Story 6.

Once the shock of her fathers death subsided, the teacher felt she had not done justice to students answer, which she checked while still in mourning, and decided to recheck them.

Spoke to college authorities and they relented and she rechecked all the papers from where she had left, that unfaithful day, starting from the paper of ace student, just next to the pser of his friend. He passed with flying colors.

The way things move around in this world, it is such a maze of actions and reactions, it is difficult to decipher sometimes, whether the bad morning that you are having is really your own fault or just an effect of some unrelated significant insignificant or insignificant significant happening in the world, which you are not even aware of.

Just like Ripple Effect, complexcities of waves depend on how many stones have displaced the water in pond and which shore they decide to reach.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


And I have no clue
No clue
What's so ever
I am feeling blue
It's not a color
It's a feeling
still it's blue
It's not royal
not in any way
not here
not in me
just pain
Still it's blue
It's not the sky
It's not the high's
People want to touch
just the depths
still blue
a color
Still not the same
as other's