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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ripple Effect

Story 1.

The guy was having choclate chips ice cream, seating on a couch watching friends rerun, relaxed knowing he had done what needs to be done and news came in. He has just lost the job he was going to join tomorrow, a letter from company.

He just scampered to college, to principal's office and blurted out "Why has this happened with me?" lost that he was, letter had said: "As he does not meet the criteria for the placement in our company."

He was not sure what criteria had he failed, what had changed since last month, how was he qualified then and not now? "What has changed?" he asked to his sir. And they all looked preplexed as to what to say and how to console this ace of a student.

As he sat outside principles office, wondering what's going on, his friend came in....

Friend: "Dude, you just failed in final exam in ""Fundamentals of Management""

Guy: "What! You must be kidding!"

Friend: "I wish I was, but I am not, and something is wrong with the result, for I copied from you and have passed, but you have not!"

And he sat down, stunned. His world the way he knew it, just collapsed.

Story 2.

She was having time of her life! Everything was going her way, whatever she touched brought her happiness & wealth. She had never enjoyed life as now. She had made it in the world, she is successful now, and she did not need anything more.

A dream house, 2 lovely kids, a loving husband and a good job and company of her loving parents. Only problem, she never seemed to have enough time on her hands to enjoy this life as much as she would have loved to, but then who has?

Then one day, while she was working, she got a call. And she ran, as fast as she could, she wanted to be with him, her father, but she could not make it, it was too late. She could have given up anything to be with him again. All of that success did not matter now, not at all.

But it was not to be, she lost her smile, she lost her enthusiasm and she lost happiness.

Story 3.

He was driving to office, and there was goin to be a very important meeting, it was going to be make or break deal day, but traffic was proving unrelanting. Something was telling him, it was going to be a frustrating day.

And then there was an opening, and he jammed on the accelarator, and zoomed pass the traffic, scaring the hell out of an elderly.

"Hope! The elderly does not get a heart attack."

After suffering the loss of that client to company, the days of the young manager took a turn for worst, and it seemed none of the clients wanted to deal with him, for one reason or the other all seemed to be tailing the big client's tail. In frustration, he moved to inner work of company for sometime and came to technical support department for recruitment.

Just frustrated with his life, another file comes in front of the young manager, he gives one look at the result of aspiring managers who would be joining, and just gives a quick answer, after all it's not a good day at all.

"Drop all those who do not fit the citeria."

Story 4.

He is ready to take this company further up the lader of success and all he needs is a software, has shortlisted 2 candidates, and both are suitable, it is just the matter of who is the right one for them. The deal has been discussed well with first candidate and seems to fit the bill, but as is the case, it is matter of life and death, so checking up second firm is in the interest of company.

The traffic has already delayed the meeting, and then a guy zooms past them scaring the hell out of one of the elderly, who sadly dies due to a heart attack!

He tries to help save elderly's life but in vain. However, he does not make it to meeting and just decides to go with the first candidate.

Story 5.

The new and upcoming firm is in need of manforce, to serve the great quantity of new business it has been getting lately, and so visits the college of ace for recruitment, and selects him, for imediate joining.

It was not what he would have got if he had not failed that paper, but it was not bad at all, but the company promised of promoting them earlier than others, and there was no hook of getting new clients, just serving the existing ones.

Six months down the line, on an afterthought, he would not have been as happy if he would have joined that company.

Story 6.

Once the shock of her fathers death subsided, the teacher felt she had not done justice to students answer, which she checked while still in mourning, and decided to recheck them.

Spoke to college authorities and they relented and she rechecked all the papers from where she had left, that unfaithful day, starting from the paper of ace student, just next to the pser of his friend. He passed with flying colors.

The way things move around in this world, it is such a maze of actions and reactions, it is difficult to decipher sometimes, whether the bad morning that you are having is really your own fault or just an effect of some unrelated significant insignificant or insignificant significant happening in the world, which you are not even aware of.

Just like Ripple Effect, complexcities of waves depend on how many stones have displaced the water in pond and which shore they decide to reach.


Agnivo said...

Silence! Deep thoughts there. need to think over it.

Unknown said...

woah....managed to connect all 6 together ....brilliant...write often....make one thing of one's tiniest action that can make or break someone's life Doesn't it?? ;)

soni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soni said...

Wow, very intelligent connection between all six stories...its like i m reading a bestseller book....felt amazing to connect the stories myself..well all credit goes to author :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Agnivo, I am still waiting for your comment.

Aditya Nandode said...

Rek, yes it does! Wonder who might have touched my life in what ways!

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty Soni! :) I am glad you liked it!

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