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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Randomness with a theme

An essay on Home

"Home, sweet home." Truth isn't it? Yes it is, Without the love, dear ones home is nothing but house, a brick and mortar shed. Formerly was also made of Straw, dung, wood and stone. Straw does not mean the drinking straw which our parents used to take for sipping cold drink. Cold drink is harmful for health, specially carbonated ones, can lead to formation of kidney stones. These stones are not the same as ones used in building house, for house normal stones available besides road were used. Wood comes from trees. Trees are very important, by process of photosynthesis, they produce oxygen for all other leaving beings. Previously people believed trees did not have life, but then they believed anything, thought maggots were created by god through dung. Dung is shit, literally, Cow's shit, once used to be important ingredient for polishing floors and walls and also was used as fuel in dried form to cook food. Cow dung is again gaining importance in life of people, it is being termed as renewable source of energy, used to make bio-gas while other things will be used to make manure.

When we come home somebody is waiting for us, as they say "He is going home to..." generally its mummy. My mother makes excellent food. She does not use bio-gas or dung, but LPG cylinder. LPG Cylinder are also getting costlier by day, just like all other necessary things. Father, says we need to save energy, to cut down on money spending. I wish we had more money, my friends got cell phone though school has banned them, but they are very cool to have. But all banned things are not cool, like nude pictures of adults, they are so cheche. Cheche is hindi for shit.

Home provides us shelter, from rain, storm and sun. Also protection from thieves and wild animals, like tiger. Tigers are very less, nowadays, thieves are the only remaining danger, like the story of Ali baba and chaliss chore (Ali and forty thieves) other than climate. Climate is changing, all countries don't want it to change. They held a meeting in Cophenhagaen for the same, but it was not much of help. Most countries did not agree on it, so did not sign it. Adults can not agree on many things. I like things like toys, but adults want big things like big car, etc. Dady says, we will buy a big car soon.

Home has address, my home is different than monu's. Monu is a bad boy, he always fights with me. Once his mummy also punished him for fighting with me. Bad boys do not get good marks in exam. I got good marks, so dady bought me cycle. It has blue colour, just like sky. In my society, i am first to get cycle, most of my friends do not have cycle. So i have to share it. But everyone has a home, unless you live on streets. Children on street are homeless and mummy says they are unlucky and most times dirty too. They ask for money, and even though dady gives them daily, they do not buy good clothes. I have good clothes, mine are not at all torn.

One page is over so i am not writing any more, also bell is ringing. So I have to conclude now.
Teacher said conclusion should be like what is you feel about topic. Hence, conclusion is that:
I am lucky to have mummy and dady, to go Home too.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This post was inspired by a blog-post, words written there, meant something for the writer, but also meant something for me and these lines just came to my mind. I would have liked to share the post, but i have not got permission to do so. So read on........

Ek lamha hai jo jee gaya

Ek lamha aaj jee le jara

Ek lamha jeena kal jo aayega

Ek lamha alvida kaheneka

4 lamhe zindagi ke

phir toh lot hi jana hai

Khwaish koi jo ho

toh jee lo

Shabdh koi jo ho

toh kahe do

phir koi moka mile na mile

phir koi arzu rahe na rahe

lamhe main raja bhoj

lamhe main ganguteli hove

kal palat jay lamha

lamhe ko koi na palat pay

lamhe main jee lo zara

lamhe ko sahe lo zara

aaj dhukh kal sukh

chakr chalta jaye

Zindagi na sahi

Zindagani chalti rahe...........

As you can see in comments section just got permission, so here is one of the most talented bloggers link, lap it up!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Main Azad huuuuuuuuuuuuuun
main azad huuuuuuuuuun
panchi ki tarah
udne ko chahuuuuun
ucha, uchai se pare
par tu chu le
chu le zara
yeh hava
par tu chu le zara
halke halke
laboh se
labh mila
baan ja humsaaaaathi meri
apni bahoon main
zara zara
bahela de mujhe
zara zara
tu bahek jaa
zara zara
yeh hava
le chal mujhe
sang tere
jahaan tu jaye
uchai ke pare
gehrahi ke tale
jannat ho ya
bas le chal
sang tere
ki har shaks
bas bhul ja
yeh jahan
bhul ja
wo aasma
bhul jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sari hadey
aa chal
banaye naye raastein
banaye naye hasratein
dhunde koi naya asma
dekhe koi naya sapna
hey kahan
apni manzilein
aa chal
sajaye koi naya aashiyan
banaye koi naya rishta
sambhale koi naya vasta
aakhir darr kis baat ka
aa chal
aa chu le zara
tu chu le zara
labho se labh mila
ye hava
iss panchi ko
rasta dikha
main aazad huuuun
chal sang chal
udalechal zara
yeh hava