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Thursday, February 25, 2010


This post was inspired by a blog-post, words written there, meant something for the writer, but also meant something for me and these lines just came to my mind. I would have liked to share the post, but i have not got permission to do so. So read on........

Ek lamha hai jo jee gaya

Ek lamha aaj jee le jara

Ek lamha jeena kal jo aayega

Ek lamha alvida kaheneka

4 lamhe zindagi ke

phir toh lot hi jana hai

Khwaish koi jo ho

toh jee lo

Shabdh koi jo ho

toh kahe do

phir koi moka mile na mile

phir koi arzu rahe na rahe

lamhe main raja bhoj

lamhe main ganguteli hove

kal palat jay lamha

lamhe ko koi na palat pay

lamhe main jee lo zara

lamhe ko sahe lo zara

aaj dhukh kal sukh

chakr chalta jaye

Zindagi na sahi

Zindagani chalti rahe...........

As you can see in comments section just got permission, so here is one of the most talented bloggers link, lap it up!


Me said...

Beautiful words... Loved them...

Me said...

Adi, u can share the post. :D

Paresh Gupta - That's Me said...

Nice lines dude....

Me said...

LOL@talented :D :D tumhey bahut jald padney waali hain logon se -- MAAR!

SA said...

Awesome post Adi! Great work! Rushing to harshi's blog! Should check what she has written! I have no words for you, you write those stories that are damn good and now these poems are no way less :)

Keep writing! Pleasure reading your blogs


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