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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments I should have had…….

Everyone falls in love some or the other time and everyone has some notions about what would they do in a certain situation, when they are with someone special. I too had my notions about certain situations, and as most know I had a love marriage, some came true and some dint; no regrets, but given a chance to go back, I would like to include them in my life experiences, some such situations, and why they did not get fulfilled are:

1. The girl I secretly love rests her head on my shoulder and sleeps while travelling in a bus, and in order to not wake her up, I travel to the end of line along with her and then we end up spending whole day together, while missing few lectures.

I started using bike for daily travel in 8th standard, almost never travelled by bus there after!

2. Hide that we love each other from our friends for few days and make up stories to avoid going out with group and getting lost together, more often than tolerable by group, as a result, arousing suspicions among group members.

My group knew before us, that we were in love!

3. Kissing on a railway platform!

Not possible, it is India dude! You may get booked on even if you are married,for you hugged your woman little longer than a natural wink, let alone girlfriend.

4. Spending a night outside in wilderness, just counting stars, and talking, no sleep.

I went to Dang district in Gujarat to fulfil this dream, twice and ended up sick both times, putting an end to my love for camping; also they separated girls tent area from boys, no chance to sneak out.

5. Getting drenched in rain and using fire to dry both of us in a cave….etc.

It is hard to find cave in city, besides I have sinusitis which catches on pretty fast if I get drenched.

6. Playing a lead role in a romantic drama and making the lead actress fall in love with me.

I auditioned, they selected me to carry props from dressing room to stage and back.

7. Run away with my love interest.

Our parents agreed without much protest.

8. To propose her at some exotic place, where no one else is there except for the splendid beauty of mother nature.

I never proposed! Till I was already married that is.

9. To waltz my way to her heart. That is, dance!

I have two left feet, an immovable / inflexible waist and no sense of rhythm. Plus, it would not have been a surprise if I had taken her for the dance class, and I did not find any other partners.

10. To have bed of flower in a garden and play in it.

Jetendra Movies are known to exaggerate, such things are expensive and may contain ants, so not meant for sleeping!

You too must have had a similar list, or may still have, if feel like, do share below!


Agnivo said...

strangely i have got most of my wishes fullfilled except that person i thought loved me, actually didn't.strangely i have got most of my wishes fullfilled except that person i thought loved me, actually didn't.

Aditya Nandode said...

Agnivo, everyone has a mixed bag of fortune! :)

soni said...

With those 10, plus i have two more ... romantic candle light dinner and balloon riding for two...well if u make a list since from the day u fall in love...it would never end :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Balloon riding! That could be awesome experience!

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