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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Few drops
perched on window pane
The sky
dressed in grey gloom
at it's best
slow rain
kissing Earth
on it's own grave
As if
Death was 
the way of day
life was never
than today
Streaks of light
flashing brilliantly
Evil Arches
the thunder
the last bits of
The fall
was eminent
the fall came
and was over
Swept away
that mattered
not mattered
had no value
had no value
swept away
before a life
could make 
a choice
It was over
Over in moments

Nature does not give chances when it wants to show case it's strength, with in moments  it can change the whole scenario. Japan has had it's share of calamities, and one more in list, but still it remains helpless, people are helpless, let alone other creatures, in front of Nature, it is not matter of fighting back but living on.


Agnivo said...

Life is a reality. So is death, and the beauty of death is no one knows even a second before it arrives that death is going to come. We may think we are the rulers of the world, but a bigger power always watched us, in amusement....

Aditya Nandode said...

@Aagan86 So true!

Anonymous said...

I could not guess it was about Japan till the last lines ! This was a brilliant read even without that mention !!

Aditya Nandode said...

@ladynimue It was not about Japan to start with, the last lines are just an example of things, a way of making things clear. I was in Gujarat during Bharuch quake. That TV coverage brought certain memories back, no I did not see it happen then, but saw the damage with my own eyes.

SM said...

nice poem

Aditya Nandode said...

:) Ty! SM

Unknown said...

This is powerful and visceral....wordplay as always. :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Rekha! :)

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