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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Optimism! Anyone?

Its morning, lovely one, there is no sun around, no rains, no wind; it’s a good morning, as I wake up and get ready, Oh! The blazer is just right size; it is falling off my shoulders but who would notice anyway! I wear the most formal dress in my life, black blazer white shirt, black pant, black tie with elegant white embroidery, back shoes and black socks and not to forget that white handkerchief.
*No I was not getting married, or dressed to kill and was not even on a date with some rich dame, but was just going to have my convocation.* So I move on to bathing and I am out of shampoo, *but nothing to worry, this is a rather perfect da, nothing in my hair a small amount of jail cannot fix!*
It is time to move out and on to bike, and as I wait for lift, which is out of order, I have to take the healthier option, the stairs, this day is awesome. *I am actually using lift and losing some of that puppy fat on my tummy.*
Stairs bring in some local news too, as dejected people climb, I smile at them beamingly and ask, “Why the long face?” And pat comes’ the reply, “Our motorbikes were stolen from the parking below. “ Holy shit! *What a wrong side to get up on such a good morning!* as I go running to my bike to check if it is there, and it is there. *And it smells so good here* as I look around I find few roses in ever pile of smelly garbage. *How lovely! #NotetoSelf Pick up roses while coming back*
Kick, start and away……as I reach first turn, *Oh! Wow! Look that road is such a colour of chocolate, as if yesterday’s rains have brought my dream of world made of chocolate to life* And on second there is a truck turned turtle and it is time for me to take the longer route. *Hmmmm…..that poor driver looks so dead* the ambulance picks up mangled body of driver and throws it in. *He would not be able to see me take my degree: first class with distinction! Poor guy! He lost his life on such a beautiful day! Yes! I know I was not getting any Nobel award, just a degree; even that Nobel is not watched by many, #NotetoSelf (Habit picked up from #twitter :p) should get an Oscar.*
And as I complete that detour, I get another look at that accident and it has caused a hell of a traffic jam. *Should buy some jam, have not had Pineapple flavour since long time.* Not a single vehicle in my lane! *Yahoo! Clean way to destiny!* Accelerate and I am almost there, except the road is blocked up by the tailing traffic from the accident. *No worries I can take that under the bridge, which none use detour.* and I am under the bridge, and does not smell at all! *Oh! Yes, it is such a nice smell, which makes one want to empty ones bladder too!* welcome to the open urinal of the slum nearby, and  I simply hope now, not open toilet too.
And my institute is here, and I am on way to the auditorium, when I learn my name is not in list, because they did not get my email of confirmation! While I was among the ones who confirmed  on the very first day the bookings opened! I do not get a dress for the same reason; no degree on stage for lack of time and in this last bit, my friends gave me company.
And that was the sudden death of Optimism for me, thought something’s have changed, something’s would change too and we are back to square one, one more management institute doing mismanagement, but then this convocation was left to 1st year 1st semester students with no supervision! Great going, great lesson from a good blunder!


Agnivo said...

Excellent one! very sarcastic, and drives home the point. Definitely a good start to my day reading this :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty aagan! :)

Apurv Gourav said...

I do agree with you. even there is mismanagement by a management institution (ISO 9000:2000 certified) and off course AICTE Approved.
Even i have sent confirmation on very 1st day of booking open, but still my name is not in d list,i talk to one of the faculty member , than they are ready to provide me Dress for convocation. This was sad part on d convocation Day.
Happy Part is :- Officially i get my degree with PGDM-Finance Specialization with AICTE Approved And meeting with Lots of Old friends.

Aditya Nandode said...

Yup! Apurv :)The last part, of being with friends saved the day for me, got to see you all after so many days!

soni said...

:) Bravo.....
Keep entertaining :)

Aditya Nandode said...

:) Soni!

Apoyando said...

I like the habits-I-got-from-twitter part.
I lol'ed about it :P

Aditya Nandode said...

:) Apoyando!

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