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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle Tips You! 2.

                            I hope you remember me, I am Michelle, Aditya/@TaiyouSun's dog? I gave some points from my life last time, I am sure they have been useful for you and have learned something too. On other hand, I have grown bit older too, agree it has been just half a month, but us dogs live a fast paced life, see I am only 12 months old, but I am already a teen by human equivalent of our life span. So here are some more things that I have learned.

  1. Demand only what you need, you will get what you want for being good.
  2. Lick your masters face, lips if possible, you get an Idea what kind of food they eat.
  3. Walk where ever you go, It is more fun and you get more smells to experience and more living beings cross your path, hence more chance to make new friends.
  4. Do not over exert yourself, take time out to relax, make it clear to others too, that it is your off time.
  5. Car ride is fun, good for a change once in a while, but be careful, sitting inside when it is running is fun, but behind or in front of it can be fatal.
  6. Stick your tongue out of car window, the number of taste you will be able to taste is simply mind boggling.
  7. Get wet in rain, its fun, but do not stay wet for long, you will fall ill.
  8. Where ever you go, what ever changes, you will be safe and happy in end, as long as people you love are with you.
  9. Do not run off on your own, this applies to kids specially, bad characters may attack you.
  10. Do not eat from strangers, strangers can be jealous beings, who can go to any length, even poison you or kidnap you.
  11. Avoid street food, it is not good for your health.
  12. Life is not as simple as it seems, one has to make lot of grave decisions, like: "When they serve 2 plates of dishes, which one to choose?" at such times, follow your instincts.
  13. There is nothing wrong in wagging your tail, whenever required, that keeps your master in an illusion that they are masters.
  14. At end of day, no one, but you are master of your own life, it is your decision that makes the difference in future, for example: if I play in mud, I am bound to get a bath.
  15. Play in mud, bath is only water minus soil, you can learn to have fun with it too.
    That's all for today, will let you know from here, as I get older, and learn newer things.


    Agnivo said...

    OMG! OMG....the initial tips were so.....ummmm.....what do i say.....Punny :P specially the part on licking your masters! hahahaha! :) i for one cannot follow the 11th point :D excellent one...very thoughtful and "punny" :)

    Aditya Nandode said...

    Street food in her case, is literally street food! :) Glad u liked it!

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