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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Michelle Tips You!

                        I am Michelle, I am Aditya/@TaiyousSun's Labrador retriever, and I see world in a different way, and have some peculiar way of practicing them, and I expresses absolute disgust at Human ways. Here are my tips for you:

  1. There is no specific time to sleep, sleep when you feel like, and wake up when you feel like.
  2. Eat whenever you feel the need to, you are not supposed to eat just because it is there served in a dish for you.
  3. Do not eat with your butt in one place, at least do not sleep or sit while eating, like any buffet, take a bite, walk some distance and then consume you food. This also keeps you fit!
  4. There is no need to do any work, you just need to find the right master and be friends with him/her and family.
  5. You can be friends with anyone, all you need is right approach, and then be it cats, dogs, birds, and most difficult Humans.
  6. With small children, babies, keep the distance, they only like to see you, and even that may make them cry, only go near if they smile and put a hand forward, then too bring your softest side close to them.
  7. Toddlers, will keep their distance or will get close to you, sit down and let them touch your soft side.
  8. Once in a while you may find a rotten one, who would try to hit you, but you will not get hurt.
  9. Slightly older children can keep their balance and are the once you can play with and jump around with, still do not let your teeth touch them. 
  10. Do not show your teeth to people you want to be friends with.
  11. Go for a walk every day.
  12. When it comes to smell, do not limit your experience to flowers alone, there are large varieties of smell out there!
  13. Dry shit is best chewing thing there is after bones, not sticky gums.
  14. Size matters, larger ball is more fun, you can kick around, and it will return to you, would not get stuck under sofa.
  15. Cover up your pee, do not pee on open cemented ground, either seek out a cloth, but best is a mud ground; it soaks up everything and does not smell bad.
       That's enough for one day; you can come back to my class, whenever I feel like taking one! Bye for now! Woof! 


Agnivo said...

OMG!!!! OMG!!! this is BRILLIANT.....a laugh riot!!!! AWESOME :P :D :D :D :D :D size matters.....omg what size was i thinking of! omg ROFL....do not restrict to smelling flowers! OMG! awesome!

Aditya Nandode said...

:) Ty! After all u gave me this idea! Remember @Aagan?

Shakti_Shetty said...

This is awesome! ... BTW Michelle must be wondering why are you talking to yourself when you are on phone/cell.. :P

Unknown said...

good one :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Vikas and lost_sctoma :) And @lost_scotoma she has had habit of listening to my fathers voice on cell phone, when he is away, but still says:"The feel of face to face communication is not same as on cell phones!" :p

Unknown said...

Too Good! I too have learnt a lot about unconditional love from my golden retriever. WOOF!

Aditya Nandode said...

True @nerio, its fun when she is around.

Rashmi Nair said...

I wonder how this dog would react if sent to dog grooming sessions. :P One tapori dog! But that's the trait of mostly all dogs....
When I read the post I was reminded of the laziness of Garfield. He is also one lazzy fat cat! :P

Aditya Nandode said...

LoL! Rashmi! Michelle is not lazy! She is active, but only does what she likes! :)

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