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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kashmir Issue.

Yesterday, I read @Aagan86's blog about Kashmir and Lamhaa the movie, one thing came to my mind was: "What would happen, if India declared Kashmir independent, and withdrew all troops over night!" Only a hypothetical development, as if it would ever happen! And I would certainly not do so, even if I were the whole and sole authority on the decision of Kashmir.

The immediate questions that would arise, and would certainly make Pakistan scramble for action.

1. Pakistan would have to declare independence of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) and recognize it as a free country and lastly withdraw troops too, unless it decides to stop over and help valley "Develop!"

2. If Pakistan decides to execute 1st point, then it would have to answer bitter questions about territory it gifted away to China, which certainly would not be part of Sovereign state of Kashmir anymore and hence new struggle will ensue.

3. Now, in-case Pakistan does not execute 1st point that would be like welcoming trouble with both arms. The insurgency, terrorism or revolution or whatever they supported from across the border, would be dissatisfied and turn against Pakistan. And only worst thing than a strong intelligent enemy is an emotional, fooled, disillusioned former friend turned foe.

However, bright it seems for India to give up on Kashmir, so as to add some more trouble on plate of Pakistan and China, India would have some trouble to handle too!

1. Kashmiri Pundit’s would agitate, and so would other Kashmiri's who are working in other parts of India.

2. Hopes of China, regarding other disputed territories such as Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh would increase, which India does not need.

3. But 1st and foremost, reason to not cede territory is Indian notion, where in our land is equivalent to our mother, and hence not to be given to someone, that implies: "Hindus would cause a Riot."

In-case Pakistan gives up on Kashmir?

1. Even if Pakistani leadership gives up on Kashmir, military would never do so! As it would see ultimate defeat of their own, hence they would do what they know best: Overthrow democratic government and establish military rule.

2. All groups Jihadist, peaceful ones and all such organizations would turn against Pakistan Government, which is already facing terrorist activities, and this will only add to it.

3. Kashmiris: Hurriyat parties, peaceful, and non-peaceful organization will also turn foes of Pakistan, which will be difficult to tackle.

After thinking on all these points, It seems Kashmiris are caught in catch22 situation of the two quarrelling countries. And therefore I wonder if India, Pakistan and China (Marginal role) would ever resolve the Kashmir issue!

Aagan's blog post: http://aaganzworld.blogspot.com/2010/07/kashmir-must-live-on.html


Agnivo said...

absolutely apt analysis! there is no solution to the Kashmir problem because our politicians would lose their job if they did! The longer they stretch this issue,the better for them. As an indian and as a Hindu i dont have any problem with Azaad Kashmir if that brings peace. But that is all hypothetical. We have to work within the present framework for development of the state! May be repealing AFSPA and granting more autonomy to the state could help

Aditya Nandode said...

Yes! But that would aggravate the situation even more! Giving autonomy without bringing down the distress in that state, is not going to be of any help!

Anonymous said...

well thought post ! thanks for sharing this :) also thanks for aagan's post link !

Aditya Nandode said...

U r welcome ladynimue :)

Apoyando said...

Very deep insight into every aspect of the much misstated issue.Even if the issue finds its solution someday, many other, more profound problems will arise as you have explained...

The the so called India does not contains even half the honesty and love it proclaims to have inside. And even if it has, the fragrance of our habit to sacrifice has got lost in the recent smell released by intense run to compete and grow as a parsimoniously selfish person but not as a proud country.

Aditya Nandode said...

Yes! Apoyando, well said, the Kashmir is not about its people anymore, its about pride of people in power! And misplaced patriotism!

Anonymous said...

Very nice analysis! But there is a long and risky way of solution. That is by understanding the causes of the problem. Kashmir issue is quite a complex one. The mistake we did is by giving a separate status under article 380. People of Kashmir who had never wanted to join Indian republic, got alienated from the India. Most of them saw Indian military as their enemy (thanks to constant preaching by cross border actors). The relationship we wanted with Kashmir was never established. We made them outsider. They thought exactly the same. 'They' never became one of 'us'.
Probably the best way to solve the problem is by making them believe that they are one of us. Free and hassle free movement of Kashmiris into the Indian mainland and Indians into Kashmir will help in this aspect. With a developmental approach this must be the 1st step.

Aditya Nandode said...

To thenewdimension, yes that would be a very slow and long and not at all easy process, and hurdles will always be there, as they have been from start. Hope, it is achieved someday!

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