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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2012-Not A Review

          Saw 2012, bit late, after going through many reviews of the movie, but i noticed some other changes that have taken place over the years in Hollywood movies and some that have not taken place and certain way that USA looks at the world.

          1. Cold War is OVER.

              Through the era have seen many movies, classics, bond movies, etc, where Russians agents, and US/British agents fought to sabotage each others plan. This movie gives clear picture that American no longer see Russians as threat. Yes, its over for sure, a common American man is shown working for a Russian who is not so good, and in end an American guard saves the Russian mans twins. Still the twins are misbehaving at end of movie.

         2. China.

              China gets to build the ships, could have taken money, finance from the world, art and all and then  just saved its own citizens and animals, while ditching all other country people. Who could have stopped them, what power does a destroyed, dieing world has. But, USA is very sure that they will built the required ships, in required time and ready for use without testing, and hand over the reign to respective country. Hence USA looks up to China.

        3. Arabs.

              At cost of some 2 billion Dollars, Dubai Sheikh makes it to the ship, cause he can pay. So will many others from region, will make it to the list.

        4. Saved list.

             This list is Important, it contains

                                People from

                                    ->UK, France (Former Colonists of USA) sadly Spain missed out.

                                    ->Axis powers saved-Germany, Japan and Italy. 

                                    ->Russia (Formerly USSR)




                               Money and things of Monetary value.

                                    -> Paintings. World Art heritage, agreed.

                                    -> Money.

                                    How come a reborn world which has so less number of humans, and other species, value old currency when a major cleaning the land, removing the debris, bodies, forming the land for cultivation, cultivating the fields, is puzzling, even more so when the survivors are handful, even if there are 60 ships, each carrying a million people each, thats generous estimate, only saves 10% of the current world population, and plus these contain people would not even be able to work, for example can Queen of England do any thing!

         5.  Lesson learned none!

                            The person who flags the Red flag, is Indian  in first, place, he misses the USA ship along with his family and there is no Indian ship. He also gives the new update of new wave from East, saves many skins in last moments of his life. Ironic, for a country which has not invaded any other country in last 10,000 years to be wiped out, by natural invasion.

                            Are we really second fastest growing nation for sure. Yes, we are. So why are we not that important enough to be saved.

                             Neither, do plants and seed and saplings seem to be on board, as far as it seems they are not.

               The lesson I learned, to be true friend of USA, one has to be seen as threatening in past or present.      

                This time is best to write this, cause this is not going to give rise to any controversies. 


Agnivo said...

awesome.....a really nice take on the movie....this gives a whole new dimension 2 the script....not even the writers might have thought as much as u did buddy :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Aggan!

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