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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Love!

First Love! How many people can forget their first love? All the first things that follow, first blush, first embarrassment, first propose and first heart brake! And then being in first gloom mood! Friends, helping out. It all makes a good memoir.

Just remembered my first love today, when i saw two kids walking along the road in school uniform, holding hands and sharing an ice-cream. So Chweet! Yes it is. There are no expectations, except sharing lunches, holding hands and in some cases, and may be a small kiss. Juvenile is what it is.

What i remember, a girl, no three of them, one junior to me, 1 senior to me and 1 of same age all at once. Never knew i loved them to start with. Only understood what was happening as time had passed. The senior girl introduced me to a guy, as her boy friend. My reaction was not much, but i did not trouble her again, was kinda jealous when i used to see them, Yes, sharing an ice-cream.

The junior came forward along with a rakhee, as told by her mother and tied it. Thats how most kid love stories end in India. We lived across the street so it was difficult to avoid her, but learned to think of her as a sister.

The one and only one remained, and i never approached her, she never approached me, till two years had passed, by this time others had cached up with me in growing up. And now there were many competitors. And she had many suitors, instead of bowing out; i made a dash for it. Wanted her to know that i liked her, now how to approach her.

Best way to get noticed was in front of me, a girl got dashed by a boy! And thats what i did, accidentally staged. But she had had practice of such stuff and she changed position with her friend, who was like not my type! And i was certainly not her type. Instead of shouting, this friend of her, pushed me with whole body force, and she was kind of wrestler! My bag was open; all my books were lying and worst i had fallen on another girl! Hell broke loose.

After that, i forgot about trying out any stunts, rest assured, none of the other suitors tried any funny business either and we all became friends. For next couple of years, she walked passed those corridors and we bunch of guys sighed!

By this time it was tenth and love just vanished from our thoughts, the first "No Time for Love" phase of my life, yes they do repeat, as most will know, cause its one year and 12th. We did become friends, but love thing was lost in the studies and notes.

And now, when i look back, i am not at all in contact with her, as if she and part she played in my life just vanished in past pages of memories. Good bye!


Richa said...

lol! :) this is certainly not Love tht i know for sure :D u cud term it crush or infatuation though :)
really liked reading it :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Yes, it was not, but then thats what childhood love stories are!

Aditya Nandode said...

Got a mail regarding the infatuation thing, so this is my take on that word. "u dont forget those days, infatuation extra u learn when u grow up those words are there to justify ur idiotic behaviour"

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