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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Material Girl

I know

it's silly

but still

it drives me crazy

the way she holds me

with her eyes

eyes - as blue as blue

bringing me down 

on my knees

crushing my heart 

& still

I fall for it

Again & Again

rising i walk away

from glitter of her eye

laughter of her victory

she finds it fancy

for she is Rich

Not by her own

she has no money

but quite a few honey

a little beauty

adding a little pussy

she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! she is such a bitch!

She bends rules

mends law

& buys her way out or in

Pulling a few strings

for all wrong things

For she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! for she is such a bitch

She has two legs

both right

for one foot forward 

& the doors are open

Where one would consider

making a living

she dreams of

owning the whole thing

for she finds herself rich

though she has no money

Oh! For she is such a bitch

Diamonds are her only friends

her odour is of money

but still she is lonely

At the top of her hill

from where she looks

down on me

& i mistake her pity

for her love

& run amok

But still towards her

Then like a lightening 

a door closes on my toes

I fall flat on my nose

hear her laughter in rain

as my heart cries in vain

i know it's silly

It's her silly game

Love is only a name

& what’s in a name

But shame,

She finds it fancy

for she finds herself rich

Though she has no money

But a string of honey

Oh! She is such a Bitch!

                                  -Aditya Nandode


Apoyando said...

Bro you did the 'shape thing' pretty well.Love it,esp the lines
"eyes blue as blue..bringing me down.."

Richa said...

Awesome it is.. Applauds for this one.. and I must say, i was taken to imagine the whole sequence in my head as i read it :)

soni said...

Amazing and quite real description of a material girl :) in these few lines. I loved it

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