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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Venus Vs Mars

Venus Vs Mars, well most who read books on relationship would know about "Men from Mars & Women are from Venus" by John Gray. Well he talked about behaviour, I am going to add some point to that list, and really going to put the two against each other.

Its morning you wake and next you smell the hair of a girl, it smells fresh, she wakes up, moves around does exercise, and still smells sweet, she takes bath comes out and smells sweet, she goes to work, you go to work, pass her by and she smells sweet at breakfast, lunch, evening break, and when she is just stopped running or walked quickly due to a broken sandal. She smells sweet when you two go out for an outing, during dance, after dance, dinner, back at home, when you go to bed, and when you go to sleep again. Its like Venusian smells sweet almost all the time! Well, almost because even if a Venusian falls in filth, she is going to smell like filth.

On other hand, a Marsian, well the word Marsian sounds so much like Marshian, that is from Marshy places! Smells like a pig, now how many Men have heard that compliment! Run 10 minutes, 2 minutes walk in the sun, a brisk exercise, or even just waking up from a long slumber, a man ends up smelling bad for no reason at all, if it were not for the deodorant, Men would be doomed! You see Men are filth personified.

Have you ever heard a Venusian's voice out of control, out of context, out of sequence? You must have, some of them can jump from one topic to another as if its a ballade, they are so twinkle feet on the tongue and on feet too! Have you ever seen a Venusian who is two left feet, no way, even if they are; a Marsian would never be able to make out.

Marsian stick to few topics, those of a learned men: Politics, Venusians, Sports, Venusians, Gadgets, Venusians, Work, Venusians, ...........And some more Venusians. When it comes to dance moves, most Marsians have to start early, and only then they can look natural, others have to join various classes.

An eye for detail, Venusians can spot fashion mistakes, colour mismatches, something that they like can be spotted from far far away, discounts, a nice small ear stud/ring, its design, every thing! Marsians miss such details.

Marsians do miss such details, but all is not at lost here. Whether they are driving, talking, working, using phone or anything, a Marsian with his heart at right place will never miss a Venusian pass by, unnoticed, and yes it does not spoil the work they are doing, they are natural at it, almost. Well in-case this Venusian happens to be rearrest of them all, something may go wrong.

Venusians are almost obsessed with cleaning, like okay, some specimens do procrastinate till its the last thing to do and nothing else is on list and they are not tired, but still being clean is one big difference here. If they do not wash clothes themselves, a maid would be hired, or laundry would be given to dry cleaners. But still it would be clean.

Here Marsians do procrastinates cleaning to the point till they want to impress someone, are scolded for not being so by someone in authority, or are not able to find something important. Dry cleaning is one of favourite way of cleaning which a Marsian uses, specially when a Venusian is not available to do it for him. It involves 3 easy step, Unclothe, shake them in air and Clothe again.

Well that all for today!


Bhumish Gajjar said...

Generally Im poor in matter of adjectives... pata nai kya likhoon!
Waise hai to bada Interesting. :)
Suna tha, but padhi nahi - Men are from... lagta hai ab kharcha karna padega (in addition to yr blog) :D

Agnivo said...

this post has left me dumbstruck! really ohh so much satire! and its so much true! great writer u r aditya......

Kedar said...

Haha... what a post yaar.. Such a nice "extension" to John Gray's 'Men from Mars & Women are from Venus'.. I was smiling throughout that 2nd para.. So true... Venusians always smell good.. If a Venusian falls in filth, i think then even the filth smells like her... ;)
Another fact i agree with was however busy a Marsian is, he never lets a Venusian go unnoticed. Its just by default... and kind-of rate her in mind, if no other Marsian is around: "sahi hai bey"; "woah..!! beauty!!"; "kya bhaari hai" or "uggghhhhh!!" ;) (No offence to women...)
Nice post.. enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...

Good observing Aditya!I can see you respect women and at the same time are accepting men's faults(I mean men are aware but they hardly ever accept!)..and yes, women do always smell good even if it's just shampoo!..;-)..and btw it's hardly 10% not even 25%!!..=P!

Pooja Majage said...

So True... :) I enjoyed reading it... Super Funny..

Unknown said...

Nice sattire and irony on marsians and venusians... Yes it is true... Men hardly accept their shortcomings... Keep writing up yaar... Really enjoyed reading it very much...

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Everyone!

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