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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Life, one wonder's
when you are born
life starts
its your life
with you
having no say
over it
at start
everyone has a
clean slate
then what happen's
We grow up
we are small
like the new year
Every year
like January,
Loved by all
celebrated by all
hopes, dreams
pinned on us
but no pressure
then we
start growing up
going school
we learn things
we learn to disobey
we learn to hate
we learn success
we learn prize
prize that comes with
price that we pay for
Love it was
to be loved
but no more
we are to succeed
to be loved
to celebrate
we need to win
it's not the same
not the same anymore
It's already March
One quarter of life is over
World is cunning
we realize
as college goes going
our friends
our most fierce competitors
are all the same
there's no difference
who's who
who's not who
all are of same caliber
it's either I
either you
or some body else
so why not me
for this Question
for the want
of that person
to be me
for not want
of things to go
we do Wrong
to win
we do wrong
we win
we get loved
& love happens
we are out of college
doing jobs
for someone else
to be on
good side
of bad side
so that we earn
earn good money
so that we can marry
we get married
responsibilities happen
we are through
half the life

is here
babies are born
you end up
the other lives
which are part of yours
the good part
for the
first time
very first time
you think of chucking
chucking the wrong way
for that new life
to be a role model to it
there is whole new thing
new thing
called responsibilities
for it
you dig harder
deeper into dirt
you get your slate dirtier
for that close night
with your wife
for that tab
on your child's head
for that feeling of
being loved
life goes on
time comes
come's the time
we realize
our slate is no more clean
we know it
but world doesn't
why should it?
but it wants too
things start to go wrong
long lost
start falling out
people learn
life is on to you
your past is in open
naked and facing you
your dirty secret is out
your loved ones
are last to know
they deny
live in denial
just lose trust
trust in you
for them
you turn
from Angel to demon
in flash of a news
aptly titled
The Breaking News
breaking all your bonds
by now
your son knows
for you are
at end
of the
Third Quarter
And he is in his second
he knows
stays put
you know
why he is there
besides you
your wife
He is there
for he knows
you have to
get hands dirty
to be in your position
your wife
for she still loves you
she knows
why you did it all
Then you realize
the real realization happens
you dint need to get dirty
you dint need to earn that much
you dint need to succeed
you were always loved
by people whom you love
of whom you cared
guilt sets in
then starts philanthropy
then you understand
why one should give
give more
than take
its in the last Quarter
the last bits of your
for the first time
in your life
you are not
you dont feel
but trusted
but finally
you retire
play with your
Get back to life
the way
it should have been
the way you were born
having fun
all the way
the last January
your childhood,
but its December
you are old
your year is going
to end
it will be time to go
you know i
you thank god
for it
the life you have had
what one need's
what one already has
in your own backyard
the forth Quarter
is over
One life has been
One life has
But Life in itself
has continued
people around
that life
still live on their's
giving rise to new
the great saga
As we pass
the Quarters
we see things happening
as they used to
with us
the way we lived them
to our neighbors
to our teachers
to our parents
we see
our children do
so the saying goes
"The more things
the more they
remain same"
Still we let them
for its not in our hands
we are helpless
blinded by success
for its their life
it's them
who have to make it
the journey
is of their choice
as it continues.............

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Jyoti said...

Wow its just superb really like this one simple but very deep. Keep it up :))

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