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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life : 4th Quarter

Your son knows
for you are
at end
of the
Third Quarter
And he is in his second
he knows
stays put
you know
why he is there
besides you
your wife
He is there
for he knows
you have to
get hands dirty
to be in your position
your wife
for she still loves you
she knows
why you did it all
Then you realize
the real realization happens
you dint need to get dirty
you dint need to earn that much
you dint need to succeed
you were always loved
by people whom you love
of whom you cared
guilt sets in
then starts philanthropy
then you understand
why one should give
give more
than take
its in the last Quarter
the last bits of your
for the first time
in your life
you are not
you dont feel
but trusted
but finally
you retire
play with your
Get back to life
the way
it should have been
the way you were born
having fun
all the way
the last January
your childhood,
but its December
you are old
your year is going
to end
it will be time to go
you know i
you thank god
for it
the life you have had
what one need's
what one already has
in your own backyard
the forth Quarter
is over
One life has been
One life has
But Life in itself
has continued
people around
that life
still live on their's
giving rise to new
the great saga
As we pass
the Quarters
we see things happening
as they used to
with us
the way we lived them
to our neighbors
to our teachers
to our parents
we see
our children do
so the saying goes
"The more things
the more they
remain same"
Still we let them
for its not in our hands
we are helpless
blinded by success
for its their life
it's them
who have to make it
the journey
is of their choice
as it continues.............


Neha Mehta said...

nice .. I like every bit of it..! especially these lines

"you were always loved
by people whom you love
of whom you cared"

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Neha! Glad u liked it!

Agnivo said...

best lines : you are not Lost,you dont feel betrayal but trusted but finally arrived fulfilled. Hats off!!!

Aditya Nandode said...

Thanks Aagan! :)

Pooja Majage said...

perfect :D i loved all the parts.. :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Pooja!

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