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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The End!

Is it end of the world?
or is it,
Just me?
That song,
the song,
that made our hearts cry,
with joy,
is being played again
There is no feeling
this time.
Was it you?
The first time,
and I joined in?
Or is it?
Just me?
This time
playing in the rain,
this time
crest fallen in the downpour
I cant hear a thing
other than
the song
what is he saying?
A gun in hand,
its pointed
at me.
Its not a dream,
It can’t be shaken away
He is smiling
unlike you
yours was
the one to die for
Why am I not with you?
When was last time?
I saw your face?
not this morning
not yesterday
at dinner
I was with you
but not with you
its been a long time
I have been running
running a race
is it time?
Time to lose?
Have I lost you?
have lost the time
I should have been with you
Where am I?
Is this our bed?
No, this seems harder,
on the edge
of something
something grey
dry brown!
I am moving,
rolling over,
Is he kicking me?
He is,
That grass
looks greener
on other side
other side of street
We picnicked once there
It was so much fun
It is,
When did it all start?
When did it all went wrong?
When did I make a false move?
I had not planned to be here
We had not dreamed this
Is it the end
Can’t I go back
He is pointing the gun
at me,
my eye
Here you are,
besides me,
I am all wet,
Was it?
Just a dream?
Why is there a bullet in my hand?


Unknown said...


Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Rekha! :-)

soni said...

Well the poem seems actually about a dream..but the last line says ...KEEP GUESSING
Thats cool...
Great penned :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Soni! :)

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