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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just wind; river and moon!

In a small town;
in the country side;
after dark;
after sleep has taken its toll;
In the silence of the night;
by the dark window;
sits a young widow;
with a twinkle in her eye;
calling out to the stars;
with her soothing smile;
looking up to the sky;
as her hair;
take to the air;
a serene beauty;
she does not object;
she does not
run a finger through them;
she closes her eyes;
lets the gentle wind;
feels the breeze;
livening up her smile.
I seat in shadow;
of a tree;
fixed in my gaze;
she served me all morning;
and never did I
see the person;
behind those rough hands;
rough by her karma;
the mundane house work;
fourteen hours behind curtains;
the unbreakable prison;
the invisible chains;
the prison of clothes;
the chains of traditions;
slave by day;
night is hers;
freedom she seeks;
freedom to feel;
just nature;
no lust;
no love;
just wind, river and moon!
that’s all;
what made her smile;
her smile!
Dancing in moon light;
singing all alone
to herself;
till the crack of dawn;
she smiled away;
and then
the prison;
the chains;
recaptured her;
resting her spirit;
she went on working;
working all the day;
not uttering a word;
that sweet voice;
was lost by day;
nor the hero;
neither the villain;
but a mere spectator;
each night;
each day;
and the days to come
and nights to come……..
Just wind; river and moon!


soni said...


1CupChai said...

one word.......fantabulous..!

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Soni :) Ty! :) 1CupChai

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