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Monday, April 27, 2020

I miss you bro...

I close my eyes
to dream.

You are here
with me;
you are not gone;

I called you
talked for hours
its not the same;
your voice;
its still lingering;
your songs;
Its not the same;
I can not;
I could not;
dream up;
the same;
as you would have;
said it;
as you would have;
imagined it;
I am not up;
to the mark.

There is no one;
here to play the games;
we played;
its not the same;
there are no horses;
made of cushions;
there are no swords;
made of coconut leafs;
there are no bowlers;
to bat against; 
there is none to play with;
the way we played;
There is no one...
I can not dream up
the same;

The carefree;
The one whose;
Heart ruled over head;
the unyielding;
the one who
won hearts;
friends across borders;
friends across generations;
friends without seeing you once;
your legacy is unmatched;
I miss you bro.

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