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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are you Serious?

Many people would have come to face with stupid, irrelevant questions or statement in their life, so have I. Here are handful of them, enjoy and add your own in comments section.
  1. Faculty was discussing "Consultancy firm" how it is different than others, how it is useful for people who do not have expertise in the field and types and started giving examples. Marriage consultancy, Legal consultancy, Investment consultancy.....etc, when one student stood up and contributed his own example- Illegal consultancy! Madam just laughed it off, so did other students, but this guy stayed his ground and started debating.
  2. Our Insurance professor was discussing Reinsurance when one student got up and asked, Student: "What if Reinsurance company goes bankrupt?" Prof: "Well, same scenario, when an insurance company goes bankrupt?" Same Student: "What is Bankrupt?"
  3. A young faculty joined college and was taking her first lecture, she was pretty young. She was teaching statistics, and there came a question that had cricket in it and hence used some of the cricketer's name. One Girl raised her hand, to ask a doubt, which was "Madam, can we use Yuvraj's name instead, don't you like him, I love him."
  4. A well known investor had come for a guest lecture, no it was not @jhunjhunwala , but he talked about how to judge a security, what all should be considered. One professor stood up and asked "This all i have taught the students, but what really needs to be done to choose stocks like you do." Well the investor did not smile it away, and answered it very logically, "Don't take it as a part time hobby, but full time job."

Well those were some moments I came across recently. Add some of yours.


Ratandeep Satwant Singh said...

Good compilation! We too used to have good time during lectures; guys used to come up with some weird answers and explanations to some very serious questions put forth by the Prof. We used to laugh our heart out.

[Sigh] College days...!!!

Take care,

soni said...

Really college days were amazing....good work :)

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