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Friday, January 1, 2010


Yesterday, had a late night conversation with @nehamehta09, @Har0on & @trivedipankaj on twitter, and realized what i know was not all that's there to the subject. However few lines to come to mind thinking about this era-yug.

Kali kare vinash
Manush bole bhasha tol mol ki
Ram se kachu na hove
Ab Kalki hi jug uddhare.

Kali: Is the demonic part/negative manifestation of Vishnu, who is the ruler of this era. And hence refers to all the negative characteristics of humans, namely- Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, etc, you get the picture, the prevalent of this era.

Kalgi: He is the positive incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and hence nemesis of the Kali, who would come on a white stead and destroy Kali, to bring an end to this era, and world as we know.

World as we know is based on materialistic wealth, it does not mean that capitalism is bad. It only implies, having more than what we need, hoarding it , whether it is Food Grains or Money, well it is what our economist also suggest, hoarding can falsely move the market, and cause various distortions.

When will world come to an end: It would not, like the Mayan calendar, currently in news thanks to movie-2012, the era will end and new circle will begin. Hence again, Satyug-the golden era of truth, followed by Treta and Dwapara yug and again Kalyug will follow and circle of life will continue.

So when will this era-Kalyug end: It will end when people will get the flowers and fruits of their doing, and it will rain unseasonally. Hence, it might be close to an end, looking at November and December Rains of this year.

However, if we look closely it does have some connections to other religions too, like sins in Christianity and some other religions Judaism etc, link below.

Further, the story of Manu and Noah are very close to each other. And Bible and Quran both say the same story.

Interesting story, that it is Manu or Noah's children all we are, one origin, which can be traced by genealogy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_recent_common_ancestor#MRCA_of_all_living_humans

After going through all this, only thought that comes to mind is, why did we drift apart, when it was already foretold that we would?

For more details on Kalyug.

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