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Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Wish!

To night
under the moonlight
Sun shines for you
as Angels decent
Teary eyed
i hold your hand
as Angels decent
from heavens
i see you
for i hold
your hand
through the
last of your
oh! lord!
I cant let go
cant let go
not now
oh! God!
for once
only once
let me
over you
for once
only once
I wanna live
with her
all over
that i missed
i want to live again
to share them with her!
Or else,
just take me
along besides her,
I pray
teary eyed
as angels decent
through the sun shine
in this moon light
to night
oh! God!
Grant my last wish.

Some thoughts are just too scary to think about and not feel anything, and so do some sentences, stories and emails, can be emotional. One such story about how two people love each other but never tell, and then its too late. This poem is based on one such small story, and some otheer casual utterances.


Me said...

made me sad...then made me smile... :) beautiful...

soni said...

Amazing..such a lovely poem...under the moonlight
Sun shines for you.....I just love it...beautiful rhymes....I am touched...KEEP IT UP :)

Agnivo said...

amazing.....excelent.great!!! made me so emotional :)

Apoyando said...

I guess 8 out 10 sing this every night before sleeping. With this you've given an inspirational touch to a tragedy.

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Everyone! And @apoyando i guess you are right, the biggest fear among most people in love is living their lives alone or leaving someone alone alone.

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