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Saturday, March 6, 2010


After joining a job, first thing that most people learn about is Stress, but most are not able to identify it as stress, so here are certain easy externally visible signs, which can be seen in mirror or if you see them on someone else, help them out.

  1. Messed Hair: as can be seen in display picture, most people end up touching their scalp, and messing up the hair style. You will have spikes without using any gel, which should lower the stress, because gel cost's a lot these days.

  1. Clothes: You dress up very well, impeccable, well ironed, and think you look very good in it. You would if it were not those colours. People under stress seem to lose sense of colour. For that well ironed dress will have Red trousers, Orange Shirt and Florescent Green. Not to forget they can be totally yesteryears fashion. Not to forget most common, noticeable, and oldest give away, an unmatched pair of socks.

  1. Hairs again? Well Beards, those joint eyebrows, what is waxing? These are small things, but they are a giveaway, not to forget nails. Well one way to see it is, you lose hair at top and grow it elsewhere.

  1. Black Eyes: No, no punching oneself, no dreams where in you kick your boss, they generally do not hurt you, unless you go and decide to live your dream, just that those black bags just below the eyes show up, and are really visible as if you are punched in the eye, not one but both.

  1. Pain: Yes Stress pains, over shoulders, joints, legs, everywhere you can imagine, and it's real. For boss, if your employee says his/her's nose/butt is paining believe it, s/he might be under stress.

  1. Itch: You can really get itchy, and it’s not irritation of skin, but of brain that itches more. One interesting thing I read is "You do not understand the importance of itch, until you get one that you cannot scratch." And Crotch is called so, because it needs scratch. Well you cannot go scratching in front of your colleagues and worst not in front of your boss and even more worst, it adds lot to your stress. If you believe it does not, just imagine the situation.

Well hope this helps you to identify stress.

Disclaimer: I am not by any chance an expert on stress, this was just a way of not labelling people Devdas or Pagla etc...... ;)

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hey man,, nice read...

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