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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Lately, I have been shocked by many things, but the static electric shock is the only one I ever feel! For lately, shocking is the silent word of the season, unless you are doing a Havels ad! Where its explicitly used multiple times. I love that ad though, and the new one too, not only does its about shock in real sense, and has shock element playing in background too! Not so shocking now that we have heard of Shiny Ahuja case.

Here is one:

Polo, Hole in mint ad has played around shock element too, the see through one.

Then its reality show, where in it is promoted as no acting done, everything real. What a boon for wanna be actors but lagging in one critical aspect, that is acting and one more: keeping a clean image!

It would not make it to news too, if it's not shocking, well breaking: It's said as if it will shock you! So even if its well known India would not qualify for soccer world cup, line would read: Breaking News: India did not Qualify. Duh!

Sleaze: Breaking News: Rakhi kissed by Mikha! For once, this did shock me! Now come on, why would any one want to kiss her?

Here is the only form of her that i like!

News papers are catching on, a normal accident story of two bikes makes it to front page, for it was between father and son, and unfortunately father died. That also proves: Like father like son: both were/are bad drivers. Well let the father RIP.

The last three letters of above para, just put RIP any where, except for the grave, where its obvious, and again the shock element is achieved.

Axe effect: Now why would a normal girl wear bikini in a town, in a middle of desert, not that I do not like it, but still! ( P.S. This was pointed out by my fiancée)

Then we have had Nithyananda (Meaning always in mood for some fun, if you knew the meaning, it does not sound that much of shocking!), those politicos: ones who let the police inspector die on road. Another baba involved in sex trade, what was his name, well what's in a name; specifically when diary contains thousands and nothing happens, next day he was having beer in a cup of chai, sorry #chai group on twitter.

Personal shock! I got featured in Pune Mirror! Of all the good tweets I tweet, about religion, peace, sports, social things, Politics, and not so god ones( as far as my parents would label them). I am thankful that it was not the latter one, still a tweet about Pune's day is fit for a picnic! WoW!

The first Indian topic to trend on twitter turned out to be the colour of your undies! Unfortunately this time TV news channels did not make much hay of it, may be cause it was preceded by Bra colours on Facebook!

Pune gets a blast! One lousy bomb goes off, and then its learned that bomb had to taste the patience of people for long time, how ignorant can people be, may be that innocent looking bag was not shocking enough! Hell, it was not, until it blew up.

Also, Sachin getting his Double in ODI! It had been so close but so far each time before, of all the innings I watched, and one day I dont, he shocks all, while me who was asking one from him, did not get to watch a single ball! Sachin! for me get one more, preferably on a Thursday, that's my off day! PLease! Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzze!

Sleaze! LSD= Love Sex aur Dhoka: Likely companion, those three words of each other, still it was "soooooo shocking"! Specially that poster of it!

Some one: Its not normal to design such a kind of poster! Its shocking!

What two pares of feet, for god's sake it can be father and daughter too, but LSD: those three words, give it, it's meaning!

P.S. The only shocking part as per Indian's would be, smaller sets of feet are above! Well does that not imply: Girl is taking initiative ;)

Have a shocking read! I am also using "!" to give shocking, some shocking effect!

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