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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rise & Fall

Rise and fall
as if
at a toss of a coin
a step there
a step here
and there again
fortunes change
dancing at the beats
beats of life
A Man goes through
like a river it flows
heating this bank
or that one
over there
it hits
churning and
turning a lot
the wheels of
machines of
now and then
thrown into
a company of few
few old ones
rest new
else mostly lives on
lives on all alone
craving for more
& some more
more than before
far more than more
never less than before
the greed goes on
and creeps in
the fear
fear of losing all
fear of losing some
fear of being not known
fear of being forgotten
fear of dying alone
fear of living alone
in fear
left alone
stops the flow
flow of life
too late
too enjoy that moment
too be with that loved one
too smell that flower of love
too share that last candy
its too late


SA said...

Good one Aditya! Last para is the best!


Apoyando said...

The 'fear' part is so damn true! Really realistic !
I hope the "too" instead of "to" is not an unnoticed mistake.

Aditya Nandode said...

Ty! Sanjay

Ty! Apoyando
No, the "too" is not a mistake.

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